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Take a Trip through the Zodiac

Time to ask your mom for your birthtime! Now you can get tattoos repping your sun, moon and rising signs with our full astrology collection by the iconic, Girl Knew York.

Aries Energy

For the leader of pack

Luminous Leo

For the centre of attention

Simply Sagittarius

For the free spirit

Earth to Taurus

For the pleasure seeker

Visions of Virgo

For the wunderkind

Capricorn Cutie

For the tough cookie

Genuinely Gemini

For the curious creature

Libra Lovin'

For the calm, cool and collected

Aquarius Dreams

For the do-gooder

Cosmic Cancer

For the total softie

Scorpio Secrets

For the mind reader

Pieces of Pisces

For the dreamboat


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How is Inkbox different from Henna or Jagua?

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