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Elliana Esquivel is a traditional and digital artist based in Charlotte, NC


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A collection of designs inspired by the bravery and boldness of ambassadors Naya, Hartley and Cori. All proceeds from this exclusive collection will be donated to SickKids Foundation.

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Cheers & Chants

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Pride Tattoos

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Hard Island

Hard Island brings hard dance to the most beautiful locations in the world. Enter the paradise of Hard Island to truly disconnect from everyday life


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Alex Royce

Alex Royce is a Toronto based tattoo artist that specializes in hand poked tattooing.


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Trending 2018

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Alli Simpson

Alli Simpson is an Australian singer, model, actress, dreamer, and entrepreneur living life with her heart on her sleeve.


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Corey Divine

Corey Divine is a Los Angeles based tattoo artist that specializes in black, and full colour geometric designs.


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Curt Montgomery

Toronto based tattoo artist that specializes in minimal line black work.


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Past Collections


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