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*20% OFF* Matching Tats

*20% OFF* Matching Tats


<p><em>NEW!</em> NAIL ART STRIPS</p>


Save on premium salon-style nail art with our durable, tattoo-inspired designs. Easily apply them in minutes, no previous nail experience necessary. The best part? You can show them off for up to 2 weeks!

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Using the Primer Wipe, rub the area you wish to place your tattoo for 30 seconds. Let dry completely.



Peel off the tattoo backing and place sticky-side-down on the desired area. Once laid down, remove the border and smooth out.



Leave the tattoo on the skin for one full hour, then peel off entirely. Tattoo develops over 24 hours to a dark blue or black color depending on your skin!



For best results, avoid sweating or showering for 6 hours. Hydrate, moisturize and of course... show off!



Honoring Black Futures Month is imperative to us, but we recognize there is work to be done every day of the year. Our Fuck Racism Collection exists year round, with 100% of profits donated to organizations dedicated to the fight against anti-Black racism, with $50,000+ donated and counting.

“Cover your body without any commitment.” “Tattoos from the comfort of your own home and with no needles or pain required.” “A good way to get a sense for whether or not really you want to get a permanent piece." “Temporary tattoos are more popular (and more realistic) than ever.” “A far cry from the cheesy temporary tattoos we used to buy out of gumball machines.”

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