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The Cure for Your Mani Woes

The Cure for Your Mani Woes

Save on premium salon-style nail art with our durable, tattoo-inspired designs. Easily apply them in minutes, no previous nail experience necessary. The best part? You can show them off for up to two weeks!


Life-Proof Design

Life-Proof Design

We were sick of “look down and they’re gone” nail strips, so we designed a life-proof one! Wash the dishes, run your fingers through your hair, bang ‘em up, and get messy!

Easy-to-Apply at Home

Easy-to-Apply at Home

Our can’t-F$*#-it-up application process allows you to apply the strips quickly and flawlessly. No prior nail experience necessary! Apply on bare nails, polish or acrylics.

Lasts Up to 2 Weeks

Lasts Up to 2 Weeks

Where other brands use semi-cured polish or flimsy stickers like those found in nail decals or nail wraps, we use a film-forming polymer for perfect fit and super (!) durable wear for up to 2 weeks.

Save on Salon-Style Nail Art

Save on Salon-Style Nail Art

The days of paying $1,000,000 for custom nail art are over! Now you can achieve that unique salon-style look for (way) less.


Customer Reviews

Application is Easy

… Like, really easy. Whether you’re totally new to nails, or basically your own nail tech at this point, flawless application takes just a few minutes.

Looks We Love

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