Inkbox Rewards

Join the Inkfam and earn exclusive rewards!

Fam With Benefits

As an Inkbox Member, you’ll earn exclusive discounts, offers, access to giveaways and much, MUCH more. Keep earning Inkbucks by purchasing Inkbox products to advance to Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 for even MORE perks - we’ll give you plenty of motivation along the way.

Chapter Tiers

The more your spend, the more you earn back!

Chapter 1
All Members
10     earned per $1 spent
Chapter 2
1000 Inkbucks
20     earned per $1 spent
Chapter 3
2000 Inkbucks
30     earned per $1 spent

Spend 500 inkbucks

25% off coupon

Spend 500 inkbucks

$5 off coupon

Spend 750 inkbucks

30% off coupon

Spend 1000 inkbucks

35% off coupon

Spend 1000 inkbucks

$10 off coupon

Spend 2000 inkbucks

$20 off coupon


How do I earn Inkbucks?

You can earn Inkbucks in a couple of ways: by signing up for an Inkbox account and making purchases.

How do I spend my Inkbucks?

You can redeem your order for discount codes. There are two kinds of codes: percentage discounts and dollar-based discounts. Refer to the chart above for reward options.

I didn’t mean to redeem my Inkbucks - can I get them back?

Yes! As long as the redemption code hasn’t been used, we can add your Inkbucks back into your account for you! Just send us an email at, including the redemption code and the email address for your Inkbox account.

I have two Inkfam accounts, but I only want one - can I merge them?

Yes, you can! Send us an email at Please include both email addresses and let us know which one you want to be your main account.

Can I use Inkbucks redemption codes with other discounts or sales?

No, you cannot combine Inkbucks with another discount code. This includes any sales available on our site as well as Inkbucks redemption codes. If you try to use two discount codes on the same order, one will replace the other.

Do Inkbucks expire?

Yes, Inkbucks expire one year after you’ve earned them.

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