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As a member of our rewards program, you'll earn Inkfam-exclusive discounts, early access to sales and new products and much more. It's also the only way to earn Inkbucks, our extra-special currency that you can put towards future tattoos.

How it works

Each time you reach a new chapter, you start earning even more Inkbucks!

Chapter 1
All Members
10     earned per $1 spent
Chapter 2
1000 Inkbucks
20     earned per $1 spent
Chapter 3
2000 Inkbucks
30     earned per $1 spent

Spend 250 inkbucks

$5 off coupon ($15 min)

Spend 500 inkbucks

25% off coupon

Spend 500 inkbucks

$10 off coupon ($20 min)

Spend 750 inkbucks

$20 off coupon ($30 min)

Spend 750 inkbucks

30% off coupon

Spend 1250 inkbucks

35% off coupon

Spend 1500 inkbucks

40% off coupon


How do I earn Inkbucks?

How do I spend my Inkbucks?

I didn’t mean to redeem my Inkbucks - can I get them back?

I have two Inkfam accounts, but I only want one - can I merge them?

Can I use Inkbucks redemption codes with other discounts or sales?

Do Inkbucks expire?

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