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<p>How It Works</p>

How It Works

Our cruelty-free For Now Ink™ lasts 1-2 weeks on your skin and fades as your skin naturally regenerates. So you get super realistic, commitment-free tattoos that are easy-to-apply (and easy-to-get-hooked-on).

Watch this demo and learn how to apply your tattoo like a pro in just 30 seconds!

How It Works



Using the Primer Wipe, rub the area you wish to place your tattoo for 30 seconds. Let dry completely.



Peel off the tattoo backing and place sticky-side-down on the desired area. Once laid down, remove the border and smooth out.



Leave the tattoo on the skin for one full hour, then peel off entirely. Tattoo develops over 24 hours to a dark blue or black color depending on your skin!



For best results, avoid sweating or showering for 6 hours. Hydrate, moisturize and of course... show off!

<p>Tattoo Longevity</p>

Tattoo Longevity

Place tattoo on smooth, flat, recently shaved areas of the body that will have little movement during one-hour application.

Avoid sweating, swimming or showering during the application time, as well as the following 6 hours.

Wear clothing over your tattoo for the first night after application to prevent any smudging or transfer.

For longer-lasting results, hydrate your skin by moisturizing and drinking lots of water after your tattoo has fully developed.


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