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Applies in 1-2 minutes.
Develops over 24h.
Lasts 1-2 weeks.

How To Apply



Comes with everything you need to effortlessly apply in 1-2 minutes.


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Made With For Now Ink™️

A new tattoo technology.

For Now Ink™️ sinks into the top layer of your skin (called the epidermis, if you wanna get technical) and develops into a dark blue or black color.

The result is a tattoo that lasts 1-2 weeks, fading as your skin naturally regenerates.

inkbox skin diagram

Our plant-based formula is made from skin-safe, cruelty-free ingredients and the tattoos are painless to apply (AKA no needles required).

Get Creative with a Custom Tattoo

Create your own

Get Creative with a Custom Tattoo

Create your own

Support Independent Artists


Support Independent Artists


Safety First

Did you know, the active dye compound in our ink can be naturally derived from a plant called Genipa Americana? Tribes in South America have used this plant for body ornamentation for thousands of years.

Our ink doesn’t contain PPD or other harsh chemicals that could be dangerous to your skin. Nonetheless, seeing as our tattoos contain ingredients you may not have put on your skin before, there is a small risk of allergic reaction upon application, or of sensitization through repeated use. If you experience any reaction either during or after using Inkbox, we recommend contacting a medical professional and reporting your reaction to us at Possible effects include redness, rash, irritation, or in extremely rare cases, scarring.

We strongly recommend against applying Inkbox tattoos to sensitive areas such as face, neck, upper chest and genitals (and yes, we do get asked that).

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Choose from 4,000+ designs created by our artist community.

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