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Zan Zendegi Azadi

Designed by Shireen Fathi

$21 USD
This tattoo is designed by Shireen Fathi, a member of our Inkbox Community.

In 2022, Shireen created this tattoo to wear during her race in the New York City Marathon to bring attention to the ongoing revolution and civil rights movement in Iran. We support Shireen in wearing the Zan Zendegi Azadi tattoo to amplify the message of the Iranian people and women fighting for equality. Woman, Life, Freedom.

All proceeds of this tattoo are donated to Paradise Charity, an organization focused on providing financial support and emergency aid to underserved children and families in Iran.

Tattoo Canvas Size

4 x 4 in

  • Primer Wipe

  • Tattoos with For Now Ink™

  • Easy-To-Understand Instructions

  • Branded Packaging (while supplies last)

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Moisturizing daily will keep your skin hydrated and healthy, keeping your Inkbox looking fresh for longer. However, you’ll want to wait at least 8 hours after applying your tattoo to moisturize.


To keep your For Now Ink™ looking fresh, you want to avoid anything that exfoliates your skin. Since Inkbox sits in the top layer of your skin, the faster it exfoliates the faster your tattoo will fade.

Please, don’t stop showering on our behalf, just be mindful not to scrub the tattoo while soaping up. When toweling off, make sure to pat your tattoo dry and not rub it.


The first night that you’re sleeping, make sure you wear loose long sleeves or clothing that covers your tattoo to avoid transferring the ink to another body part. Trust us, you might be surprised when you wake up with two tattoos!

While our ink works on all skin tones, the resulting color will vary person-to-person, because our ink will interact differently with your skin chemistry.
This means that the final result can be anywhere from a blue/green to a dark blue-black- meaning that the color of your tattoo is completely unique to you!
Our ink will fade as your skin naturally regenerates! Some factors that determine how long your tattoo will last include:
Daily Activity:
Avoid excessive heat, water or friction cause by exfoliation
Spots that may get washed or be exposed to more friction, such as hands or wrists, will generally fade faster.

A more moisturized tattoo will last longer + staying hydrated also helps!
Your skin’s unique chemistry:
While our ink works on all skin tones, the resulting color will vary person-to-person, because our ink will interact differently with your unique skin chemistry!
Here’s a gif below to show you how your tattoo will fade over time!

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