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At Inkbox we strive for a future where Black creators are safely able to take up even more space, and where vital voices are no longer stifled by prejudice. Instead of Black Futures Month, we’ve extended our programming to seasonally evolve over the course of the year. This is a space where we celebrate the indelible impact Black artists have had, and continue to have in creating groundbreaking cultural phenomena on a global and historic scale.



“I want the future of Black art to change from being a token of racial correctness and move into it being allowed equal opportunities and pay. What I mean by this is that when someone contacts me to feature my art they do not do it because my blackness fits a quota of racial inclusion but because my artistic talents deserve it.”

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<p>Alex Sappy</p>

Alex Sappy

“In general, the way the world works under capitalism, there is always more pressure placed on Black creatives/Black people to defend themselves and to protect their essence. A lot of the world is out to change how the Black individual interacts with society, there will always be this nature until the divide between people and how the world views culture and differences.”

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“The world is full of pressure. For Black artists I feel there is always an undertone of pressure testing how “Black” you are and your experience are. But, we are diamonds which arise from this on the daily.”

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“I’m proud that I have continued to persevere and build my vision in an industry that wasn’t always forgiving or pro-black skin. I am a tattoo artist before all so my vision and mission of applying my art to my clients’ skin has evolved a lot through the years. I take pride in just offering a safe space, joy or solace to my clients.”

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We’d like to recognize that while using our platform to amplify Black Future’s Month is imperative to us, there is work to be done every day of the year. Our Fuck Racism Collection exists year round, with 100% of profits donated to organizations dedicated to the fight against anti-Black racism, with $50,000+ donated and counting.

4YE x Inkbox : A Place in the Sun

This Black Futures Month we examine the teachings and impact of Pan-African entrepreneur, Marcus Garvey, and his declaration for “our rightful place in the sun.”


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