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Posted on Jul 04, 2018

How inkbox Tattoos Are Like Dating

Although your dating life may seem like an endless series of temporary bad decisions, have hope. It only takes that one date or one tattoo design, to make you realize that commitment isn't so scary after all.

The dating scene can be rough out there. Whether you’re on countless apps mindlessly swiping right, or you’re going out every night in the hopes of meeting Mr./Mrs. Right, there’s a lot of noise out there. Time and time again, that first date goes nowhere and the conversation on Bumble fizzles out. The struggle is real in our search for the one. You might relate to this sentiment in your search for the perfect tattoo. Commitment is scary, especially when your style and tastes are always changing. Don’t let this kill your vibe. Read on to see how inkbox tattoos are like dating, and how, when you find the one, it was all worth it in the end. After all, a ton of people have used inkbox to test-drive their tattoos before committing to the real thing. 

So, you’re looking for a tattoo. Just like the constant swiping on Tinder and Bumble, the options are seemingly endless. You spend a good chunk of time scrolling through our 1,000+ designs online, just as you would swiping left and right. The options are endless, but not all of them truly speak to you.


A couple of options stand out that look promising. Flirtation is in the air as you strike up a conversation with some potential matches and imagine a date with them. For our tattoos, you daydream about what they’d look like on you, what placement you'd choose for them, etc. Maybe these are worth a shot. What’s the harm in trying anyways? No commitment, just have some fun with it. 


OK so you’ve locked down a first date. There’s really not much prep that needs to happen, but you’re probably overthinking it. What should I wear? Where should we go? What will other people think? What if something goes wrong?? Similar to our application process, as long as you take a second to plan it out it’ll work out great! Don’t get in your own head and get overwhelmed by the seemingly complicated instructions. Both the first date and applying the tattoo are worth it in the end. Relax and enjoy the process. 


The first date is over, and you’re pleasantly surprised! It was way easier than you thought and you had fun. Like the application process, the time flew by and the results are looking promising. Since the tattoo isn’t fully developed yet, you’re super interested to see where this goes.


Flash forward to the second date. You’re excited and the nerves of the first date have subsided. You’re feeling way more comfortable. This phase is when your tattoo is newly developed. Things are still so interesting and fresh. You’re into it for now, but maybe you’re just riding the high of having something new in your life. Don’t get ahead of yourself here, give yourself some time before making any rash decisions. 


It’s been a week with your inkbox tattoo, and you’ve def caught feels. Your confidence level is way up, along with your mood. Every time you see it, you can’t help but smile. The dating equivalent of this would be maybe a month into the relationship. You feel giddy and you’ve told a couple of your close friends about them. It’s still fresh but you’re loving how it makes you feel for now.


This is where the road can split. The tattoo has gradually faded away, leaving you just as you were before you even started looking. Once it’s completely gone, you’ll either still be thinking about it or you’re ready to try something new. Just like trying to find a partner, you might not know your type yet. Whether it’s playing around with different designs and placements, or getting back on Bumble, you might not be ready to settle down. You had so much fun getting to know that one person and enjoying that tattoo, you may just want to do it all over again with something new.


Do you find yourself going over the conversations in your head? Reliving those playful and romantics moments that left butterflies in your stomach? If it’s still on your mind, maybe you should give it a real shot. Have the conversation, make it official. Just like if you’re still hooked on that one tattoo design, you could be ready to commit. If you’ve really thought about it, you’ll never look back with regret.


So, even if your dating life may seem like an endless series of temporary bad decisions, have hope. It only takes that one date or one design, to make you realize that commitment isn't so scary after all if it's right for you.