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Inkbox for All Your Wholesale Needs

Looking for a unique item for company gifting or your next big event? Maybe you’re wanting to add a one-of-a-kind product for your retail space or e-commerce platform. Inkbox has you *very* covered. Between our Custom platform (where you can work with our team to create your own totally personalized tattoos!), our library of 10,000 artist creations, and our suite of Freehand Tattoo Markers, we offer wholesale options on all Inkbox staples. Explore Custom, Catalog and Freehand below and discover the magic behind our full line of authentic-looking self-expression products that last 1-2 weeks!


For wholesale, bulk orders, and retail please click here to fill out our intake survey- it only takes a few minutes! Please note that we require 2 weeks’ notice for the order to be fulfilled.

Faire Inquiries:

Looking for a smaller order? Order with Faire for orders starting at $200 dollars for discounted pricing and 8-10 day delivery!

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about product, process, and everything in between! Simply send us a note at