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Tattoo Tips

We’ve put together all of our tips, tricks, and nice-to-knows so that you can have the best Inkbox experience possible.

inkbox tattoos come with everything you need to apply at home. Read on for tips on how to get a dark, clean and crisp result.


Where you apply your tattoo can have an impact on how long it’ll last. Your skin’s unique chemistry, as well as how often you exfoliate, also has an impact.

Once you feel your tattoo had faded enough, you can remove it by exfoliating.

Do not apply to sensitive areas such as face, neck, upper chest, or genitals.


Avoid applying Inkbox on body parts with dense hair. The more hair there is, the more chance there is that the tattoo will smudge or simply not develop properly.

If you’re questioning whether or not to shave the application area, we’d suggest going ahead and shaving a minimum of 24 hours before applying the tattoo. We don’t recommend shaving within 24 hours either before or after application.


Healthy Skin = Healthy Tattoo. Similar to permanent tattoos, the healthier your skin is, the better the outcome of your tattoo. That’s why it’s important to stay hydrated + moisturize. Wait an hour after moisturizing if you’re applying your tattoo on the same day.

Cool and Comfortable

Inkbox tattoos come with everything you need to apply at home. Apply your tattoo in a comfortable setting with a room temperature between 60-80°F, or 20-24°C. Sweating will make your tattoo blurry


Stay Moisturized

Moisturizing daily will keep your skin hydrated and healthy, keeping your Inkbox looking fresh for longer. However, you’ll want to wait at least 8 hours after applying your tattoo to moisturize.

Pro tip: Using a water-based moisturizer before and after applying your tattoo will give you the best results. Just look for “Aqua, water or distilled water” early in the ingredients list.

Avoid Exfoliation

To keep your For Now Ink™ looking fresh, you want to avoid anything that exfoliates your skin. Since Inkbox sits in the top layer of your skin, the faster it exfoliates the faster your tattoo will fade.

Please, don’t stop showering on our behalf, just be mindful not to scrub the tattoo while soaping up. When toweling off, make sure to pat your tattoo dry and not rub it.

Avoid other exfoliating elements such as extended periods of time in salt water, chlorine, and direct sunlight.


The first night that you’re sleeping, make sure you wear loose long sleeves or clothing that covers your tattoo to avoid transferring the ink to another body part. Trust us, you might be surprised when you wake up with two tattoos!

What To Avoid

How to ensure a safe and smooth Inkbox experience.

Skin reactions are a highly uncommon occurrence. However, as with any product that comes in contact with your skin, is a small chance of having a reaction.

    Here are some steps to help avoid any irritations:
  • Avoid applying Inkbox on your face, neck and genitals
  • Avoid applying on dry or broken skin
  • Don’t leave your tattoo on for longer than 60 minutes
  • Avoid re-applying an Inkbox directly over a previous Inkbox for at least one month

Our Ingredients

If you have any concerns regarding reactions or irritations, feel free to familiarize yourself with the full list of our ingredients.

Catalog Tattoos
  • Primer Wipe Solution: Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Arginine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin
  • Ink: Water (Aqua), Ethyl alcohol, Ethoxydiglycol, Genipa plant extract, Trehalose, 1,2-hexanediol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Acid blue 9
  • Applicator: Rayon primer wipe, medical-grade adhesive, polyurethane seal
Freehand Ink
  • Ink: Aqua, Xanthan Gum, Genipa Plant Extract, Vegetable Oil, Ethyl Alcohol

Please note: Our Freehand Ink uses a metal tip, which may contain metals associated with metal allergies.

    You can apply a small amount of Freehand Ink to test for a reaction before applying fully:
  • Put on the provided glove
  • Apply a small circle of ink on your arm or leg
  • After 10 minutes wash the sample away with soap and water
  • Wait 24 hours to develop and monitor your skin for the following week to ensure no reaction occurs before application

Please reach out to us at if you have any concerns or questions!

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