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Posted on Mar 13, 2018

10 Tattoo Test-drives With inkbox

Commitment issues. Some of us have them towards relationships, some of us have them towards tattoos. We want you to get inked with courage and with confidence. This is why we LOVE hearing stories from...

Commitment issues. Some of us have them towards relationships, some of us have them towards tattoos. We want you to get inked with courage and with confidence. This is why we LOVE hearing stories from our inkbox fam about test-driving their tattoo ideas before committing to the real thing. Whether they were inspired by one of our artist’s designs, created their own on the Custom Platform, or drew on themselves with our Freehand Ink, here’s a round-up of 10 inkbox test-drives. 


Juan De La Rosa, 31, California

Juan says that he had been wanting to get a meaningful tattoo, but working in a professional environment he wasn't sure how well it would be received. "I work as a graphic and web designer, that’s why the 404 tattoo felt like a perfect option to go with." He was pleasantly surprised with the positive response he received from people and said they all loved it. It suited him perfectly, so he knew he had to get it done for real. Luckily he had a buddy who’s a tattoo artist who used the stencil left from the inkbox tattoo to recreate it. 


Left: Real tattoo @thedapperjuan by @bryangtattoos | Right: 404


Kate, 26, New Jersey

Maybe it's the freedom of expression for Kate that keeps her coming back to inkbox. She loves the spontaneity and uses it as an outlet for creativity, without having to commit to an idea that you may not love forever. Currently in the application process to law school, Kate didn't necessarily want to permanently ink herself with something that could be seen in a courtroom or office setting, until attitudes towards tattoos relax. However there was one design that stuck with her. While waiting for a court date to have a permanent restraining order filed against her now ex-husband, she ordered an inkbox that said "Hell hath no fury". Timing is everything, and her inkbox was delivered just a few days after finally finalizing the divorce and restraining order. With so much going on, she had hardly even remembered that she ordered it, and when it arrived she broke down crying. "I felt really powerful and strong for the first time in a very long time." She loved the ink so much and the confidence that came with it, that not long after her inkbox she got "Hell hath no fury" tattooed permanently. "You [inkbox] inadvertently had a huge impact on my life and I appreciate the hell out of it every day."


Bethany, 20, Texas

Bethany picked out one of our Harry Potter-inspired tattoos from our limited time collection with Brizzy Voices. "I had the golden snitch on my arm and loved it so much I had to Instagram it. I tried everything to make it last as long as possible because I wasn’t seriously considering making it permanent. My boyfriend noticed and decided “screw it” and took me to a tattoo parlor for Christmas. No regrets. It looks damn good!! 


Jovana,  25, Ontario

"For me, this tattoo means growing your mind first. Change your mind, change your outlook, and you'll be able to achieve anything." Check out the inspiring story behind @jovanafit and her tattoo by @curtmontgomerytattoos. She used our Custom Platform to test out this motivational design before she got the real thing!


Larissa, Utah

This inkbox customer created her dream tattoo on our Custom Platform inspired by the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. "Thanks for helping me with the test drive, it helped me be 100% sure that I wanted it for real!"

 Left: Custom inkbox tattoo | Right: Real tattoo


Emma, 18, New Hampshire

Emma is planning to get a real tattoo this Spring, but she wanted to make sure she loved it. "As everyone keeps reminding me, tattoos are permanent. I wanted to actually make sure that I liked my tattoo, I liked the size, and I was comfortable with the placement." Trying inkbox made her feel more comfortable about the decision. "I’m still a bit nervous about getting one, but I’m more confident in my decision about design and size. Also, I’m grateful that my inkbox has lasted such a long time. After (almost) 3 weeks, I still love the idea of my tattoo."

Puerto Pilon


Cecilia, 19, Missouri

Cecilia said she hadn't even really thought about getting a real tattoo, and just ordered inkbox for fun. Several months later, now she's got the real thing. "I just really liked the look of your product. When I tested inkbox I immediately started thinking about real tattoos because of how professional they look. I love my tattoo now and wouldn’t change a thing." She's looking forward to getting even more tattoos now.

Left: @ccy4198 | Right: Querencia 


David, 19, Ireland

Orginally turning to pen, David discovered inkbox and thought it was a more better solution for testing out a tattoo for a short amount of time. "It was great to see how the tattoo would look and being able to see if I would actually like a design on my skin before committing to it for life. I’m planning to get more tattoos and I’m definitely going to try to do them in Freehand Ink first to see bow they would look."

Left: His sketch | Center: Freehand Ink | Right: Real tattoo


Dylan, 20, Florida

Dylan knew from the moment his inkbox was fully developed that he wants to get it for real. A graphic designer himself, he first drew the design on paper and then scanned it to make it digitalized. "I love doing design work on the computer and actually making this design gave me a connection to it." He chose a bear because he strongly relates to this furry animal. He's protective over him and his close friends, but on the inside he's friendly and fuzzy. Seeing as it'll be his first tattoo, he wanted to give it a test-run if it's going to be on his body forever. "After showing my friends they all loved it and I didn't tell them until later it was a semi-permanent tattoo from inkbox."

inkbox Custom tattoo


Brooke, 17

Brooke says she's been testing out a multiple designs with inkbox Freehand Ink to help decide which one she should get. Testing out, “this too shall pass”, a wave, a bull skull. "inkbox is definitely the best way to test out tats!," she says, saying that everyone thought they were real. Testing out designs is something her parents can get behind too, "I’m only 17 and need parent consent for a tattoo, so my parents agreed that if I tried these for a month and still loved it then they would let me get a permanent tattoo!" She hasn't gotten the real thing yet, but she's leaning towards the longhorn skull because it's got a lot of personal meaning to her.


Marisa, 24, Texas

Marisa says she was mostly testing out different text with our Freehand Ink, because she wasn't sure what she wanted her tattoo to say. She was then inspired by the cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland. "I was so happy once had it on for a few days. I liked the placement and had the opportunity to get it permanent within the week. It was made a bit fancier but it was my own writing. Now I’m excited to use the Freehand ink to test out other Alice In Wonderland designs around it to see what I want to get in the future. Another reason why I wanted to test it out was because i didn’t have any tattoos at the time."

Left: @ijoble | Right: Freehand ink


Have you gotten a real tattoo based off of something you tested with inkbox? Slide into our DMs on Instagram and let us know!