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Get creative with a new canvas

“The Freehand Ink is easy to apply and a wonderful creative outlet.” - Elise, USA

The Essentials

Anyone can be an artist with Freehand Ink. Just draw your tattoo, leave for one hour, then wash away. Your tattoo will develop in 24 hours and last 1-2 weeks.

The Freehand Tattoo Marker

A revolutionary new tool that empowers you to create custom tattoo designs as limitless as your imagination. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when it's back in stock!

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<p>Lose track of time with a new tattoo</p>

Lose track of time with a new tattoo

Looking for something to do? Get creative.

The Accessories

Everything you need to complete your masterpiece. Our Freehand Ink accessories will help take your tattoos to the next level.

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How many tattoos can I create with one bottle of Freehand Ink?

It totally depends how you use it! The more details you want in your design, the more ink you’ll use. Generally speaking though, our ink can go a long way.

Want an idea of what you can do with the 0.5oz Freehand Ink bottle? Click here!

What’s the difference between Freehand and Shading Ink?

Compared to Freehand Ink, Shading Ink is a less potent formula that’s lighter in color. The result is a lighter shade that can help add shading, dimension, and detail to your tattoos! Learn more about the differences here.

What’s the shelf life of Freehand Ink?

We recommend using your Freehand Ink within 6 months of purchase. Store it standing upright in a cool, dry area. Keep it away from direct sunlight and don’t put the cap back on - instead, cover the metal tip with the rubber cover included in your ink kit.

Ink isn’t coming out of the bottle - what do I do?

If ink isn’t flowing from your bottle, you likely just need to unclog the metal tip. Soaking the lid and tip of your bottle in hot water for approximately 20 minutes will usually do the trick. If that doesn't help, email us at so we can help you out.

What size are the Freehand Ink Tips?

Freehand Ink and Shading Ink bottles come with a 20 gauge tip.

The Freehand Tip Pack (which is also included the Freehand Pro Kit) contains 3 different gauge sizes: 18, 20, and 22. The Tip Pack is a great choice if you want to get creative with thicker or thinner lines.

How do you apply Freehand Ink?

For step-by-step instructions and tips for applying your Freehand Ink, click here.

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