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Posted on Dec 01, 2017

Winter Tattoo Inspo

Baby, it’s cold outside.  And even though it’s sweater weather, and you’re likely covering lots of your skin to combat frigid temperatures, you can still have fun with tattoos.  From a tat that comple...

Baby, it’s cold outside.  And even though it’s sweater weather, and you’re likely covering lots of your skin to combat frigid temperatures, you can still have fun with tattoos.  From a tat that complements your turtleneck to a design that you show off in front of the fire, tattoos can bring creative warmth to any winter ensemble.  Check out the winter tattoos in our catalogue along with some ideas that will make you want to lasso our freehand ink and tat up while singing “Sleigh Bells.”   

1) Penguins

These flightless birds are an adorable choice for the season.  Fast swimmers found in the Southern Hemisphere, penguins are famously monogamous, so this tat’s also a great fit for serial monogamists or happily married folks with kids.  This family of penguins will look fetching on a calf muscle, forearm, or nape of the neck.


Vatgans, 1.75 x 2.2 inches, $21

2) Snowflake

Whether you’re a fan of skiing, bobsledding, or the movie Frozen, snowflakes are the unofficial emblem of winter.  These gorgeous geometric patterns are a symbol of nature’s beauty and individuality.  It’s a common saying that no two snowflakes are the same, and while technically that’s not true—scientist Nancy Knight of the National Center for Atmosphere Research found two identical snow crystals back in 1988—the larger idea is that no two people, days, places, etc. are the same.  Life is full of possibilities, thanks to the vibrant uniqueness of each person in the world.  Celebrate your special contributions to the Universe with our snowflake tats.


Frosty, 1.5 inches, $19


Boole, 2.7 inches, $19 

If snowflakes are really your jam, grab our freehand ink and play with the number of snowflakes, size, and placement for a totally fresh take on the season’s most dashing shape.  Try inking a swerving lane of snowflakes down your hand, on your shoulder/collarbone, peeking out from your ankle boots, on a single finger, following the curve of your foot, making a statement on your neck, or taking up lots of real estate on your back.


3) This Too Shall Pass

Hate winter?  Can’t stand the freezing temperatures, rough commute through the snow, and the short, dark days?  Remind yourself that, like every season, “this too shall pass” with our “Fitz” tattoo.  The perfect “ice-breaker,” this tattoo will also bring some laughs to friends and co-workers who, like you, are so over the below freezing temperatures and non-stop snowstorms.  


Fitz, 3.0 x 0.4 inches, $21

If our designs don’t capture what you’ve envisioned, purchase our freehand ink and use your body as the ultimate winter wonderland canvas with these design ideas:

1) Snowglobes

The snowglobe on the left captures the rustic warmth of a snowed-in cabin in the woods, while the snowglobe on the right captures the New York cityscape in winter, which you could personalize with your preferred metropolis.  


2) Ski Mask

This clever design will have everybody lining up for pictures.  Ink a ski mask on your forearm and you’re Insta-ready.  


3) Ski-Inspired Compass

Ink this remixed compass on your skin this winter to express your love of skiing.  With skis, poles, and mountains making up this distinctive design, you’ll be hitting the slopes in style.

4) Ski Lift

This design on the left is a great choice if you’re looking for ink to stretch far across your torso, while the design on the right will work well on an arm or leg.  



5) Snowboarder

This rad tat works well on a torso, as seen here, but could also play well on the back, or on the back of the leg, showing snow falling down toward the foot.