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Posted on Oct 04, 2018

The Dreaded Tattoo Question…

Those with tattoos, whether they be permanent, inkbox, or temporary, are often faced with a deeply personal, even intrusive, question. What's the meaning behind your tattoo?

Those with tattoos, whether they be permanent, inkbox, or temporary, are often faced with a deeply personal, even intrusive, question. What's the meaning behind your tattoo? For some the answer is easy: a parent’s birthday, a sibling’s name, an important quote, meaningful flowers or a tribute to a furry friend. But for others, the answer can be less obvious.  

It’s estimated that 40% of American adults have tattoos. It seems unlikely that every single one of these people walked into a tattoo parlor with grand notions of a quote unquote meaningful ink.  It begs the question, then: why are so many people compelled to ask about the meaning of your tattoos? And, is an artistic, wacky, or random tattoo any less legitimate than a deeply meaningful one?

This dilemma ultimately bottles down to personal preference, but if you’re struggling with this debate here are some reasons to assure you that it’s 100% okay to have a tattoo without meaning:


It’s your body!

You are in charge of your own choices and your own skin. So, if you want that kitty-themed sleeve or a Homer Simpson tat on your leg (maybe even a hybrid Homer Simpson Kitty tattoo?), you should go for it!


Sometimes the experience of getting a tattoo is more significant than the tattoo itself

I have a few tattoos and one of them happens to be of a flower.  This tattoo has no deep symbolic value to me, other than indicating my slightly greater than average affinity for flowers. That said, this particular piece is a reflection of the period of my life when I got it.  I was living alone in Vietnam, I spoke to the tattoo artist via Google Translate (thank you Google!), and this tattoo will always remind me of the freedom and sense of adventure I felt when I was there (not to mention the pho!).



Think of your body as a journal and tattoos are your story. So maybe that weird geometric pattern on your arm doesn't mean anything, but it looks badass and that counts for something, right?



Whether it be scars or even stretch marks, tattoos can enhance areas you may be self-conscious about. And who says getting a tattoo to boost your self-confidence isn’t meaningful?


But what if I regret it?

If you have a design in mind but are worried you'll hate it in a decade, inkbox is here with Freehand Ink, customizable tattoos and a broad selection of semi-permanent tats that you can try out!  Get a feel for your dream ink, see if your Mom passes out when she sees it and ask your friends if you've spelt "regrets" right.  

Written by Rebecca Damiani