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Posted on Feb 14, 2018

Path to Permanence: Post-Appointment

Path to Permanence is a series where we go over the birds and the bees for getting your first tattoo. Part 1 covers what to do pre-appointment, Part 2 gives you a run down of the day-of, and Part 3 chats about caring for your new ink.

Path to Permanence is a series where we go over the birds and the bees for getting your first tattoo. Part 1 covers what to do pre-appointment, Part 2 gives you a run down of the day-of, and Part 3 chats about caring for your new ink.


So, you’ve had your tattoo appointment.

Hopefully you love what you got, and are excited to show it off. Before you go ripping off the bandages, there’s one last important step to follow.


1) LISTEN to your tattoo artist

Every tattoo is different - ranging in sizes, techniques, colours, placement, etc. - so it makes sense that the proper steps to care for them are different as well. The artist who did your tattoo will know best, so be sure to have them give you detailed instructions for care. For instance, coloured tattoos take longer to heal and recover. Some tattoos and placements you might need to moisturize, others don’t. Don’t be shy if you have a terrible memory and want them to write your aftercare instructions down. Think of your tattoo as having a warranty - if you don’t follow the instructions after getting it, it might not turn out how it should. If you don’t do what the artist says, they may be reluctant to give you free touch-ups or adjustments later down the line.

You may be tempted to get to the bar all your friends are at and show your fresh ink off, but try to refrain because it can be easily prone to infection. Some other basics tips that most tattooists can agree on are: using natural oils/lotions, avoiding sun, no tight clothing, don’t pick at the scabbing, and don’t go swimming or submerge your tattoo in water (showers are OK).

There are a ton of different resources online with tips and tricks to a better healing process. Such as how long to keep your tattoo wrapped and how to recognize when an infection needs antibiotics. This article even suggests different foods that can aid in recovery.

Once your tattoo has fully recovered, enjoy it! This is like something that you’ve put a lot of thought and care into, so embrace it and be proud of it.