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Posted on Feb 08, 2018

Ultimate Guide to Placement

So you've picked out your inkbox tattoo. Whether it's from our 7,000+ designs, a custom tattoo, or you snagged a bottle of our Freehand Ink, your tattoo’s design is important, but so is its placement....

So you've picked out your inkbox tattoo. Whether it's from our 7,000+ designs, a custom tattoo, or you snagged a bottle of our Freehand Ink, your tattoo’s design is important, but so is its placement.

The same tattoo may have a different meaning if you place it on your chest versus your forearm, or could have a different impact if placed on your back or your calf. Size is also important: If you want your small tattoo to stand out, don’t put it in the middle of your empty back, surrounded by negative space. If you want a long quote or book passage on your body, don’t choose a small space where the letters would be cramped.

With inkbox, because you need to apply firm pressure during the application process, some spots on the body are much easier to apply than others. We suggest a hard-flat part of your body like your inner forearm or upper thigh. These locations are easy to apply the necessary pressure. If you want to put a tattoo somewhere like your back then it’s a good idea to grab a friend to help you out. With our freehand ink however, it’s easy to apply it anywhere you can draw!

Here’s a go-to guide to help you decide where to put your inkbox. 



Place a tattoo on your ribs if it’s there to celebrate your love for someone or something that’s important to you. Since the ribs are close to the heart, tattoos placed here honor that love. If the tattoo is romantic, the ribs are a good place because you can cover it up and show it off only to that romantic partner if desired. When applied on the ribs, inkbox tattoos last for an average of 2 weeks!

Tattoos featured: Volitate | Brielle | Fingerzap



Tattoos placed on, above, or near the breast are great for women who want a peek-a-boo effect. Channel your inner Rihanna and feel empowered as these tattoos give you the ultimate peek-a-boo effect. On average, inkbox tattoos on the sternum last about 2 weeks.


Tattoos featured: Brielle | Nucifera | 404?



Wrist tattoos are probably one of the more popular placements, and we totally get why! It’s a great location for smaller designs, and somewhere you can easily look at or show off. However, just be careful when applying tattoos here. If you look closely at your wrist or the back of your hand you'll notice distinct grooves in your skin - ones that are much deeper than on other areas of your body. It's generally best to avoid applying to an area of skin where you have noticeably deep grooves. The formula will naturally seep under the adhesive through these deep ridges, leading to potential leakage. If you do apply an inkbox here, make sure you moisturize! Your watch/bracelet/sleeves will be constantly brushing up against it.


Tattoos featured: Flutter | Vous Etes Belle | Livsnjutare



Finger tattoos are great for small designs.  Unless you wear gloves all day, finger tats will be visible to all, but since they’re subtle, finger tats are not dramatic or overwhelming to the observer. As cute as they are, finger and hand tattoos need some extra care if you want them to last as long. Because you’re constantly washing your hands (we hope…) this exfoliation may cause them to fade faster! Keep your finger tats fresh for longer by patting and not scrubbing dry, and moisturizing tons.

Tattoos featured: Protostar | Freehand Ink | Bloomin' Beauties



Hand are a bold statement and are a great way to show off your new tattoo. Similar to the wrist be careful when applying tattoos here as the crevices of your hands are different than other areas of the body. This placement is a great way to enhance your outfits as it compliments accessories and jewelry well. If you do apply an inkbox here, make sure you moisturize constantly to keep your tattoo looking fresh!


Tattoos featured: Glee | Sudbina



The forearm is a great spot because it’s easy to apply the necessary pressure for a dark and crisp tattoo. A tattoo here generally indicates strength or toughness. Lots of people like to test out placement for medium to larger designs here, and see if they’re comfortable with showing it off when wearing just a t-shirt. It’s also a great place for lettering or script, as there’s plenty of space to write a phrase horizontally. On average, inkbox tattoos last for about 2 weeks here.


Tattoos featured: Baby Steps | Mental Health Matters | Better Times


Outer Arm / Above the Elbow

This placement is perfect for a spot to accent the arm in a subtle way. Tattoos above the elbow are only seen in certain angles so it provides the peek-a-poo element and are more secretive than other arm placements. These tattoos are great in the summer seasons to subtly show off a tattoo and enhance simple outfits!


Tattoos featured: Monarchy | Fleurissement Compass Rose


Bicep / Shoulder

The bicep/shoulder is a great spot because it is easy to apply the necessary pressure for a dark and crisp tattoo similar to the forearm. The bicep and shoulder area have a lot of space so it is great to go for larger tattoos here to show off the detail in the art. On average inkbox tattoos applied here last for two weeks.


Tattoos featured: Plush feels | Pedestal | Floresco



If you’re going for a flirty, feminine vibe, the ankle is the perfect placement. The ankle is a great place to subtly show off a tattoo without it becoming a focal point of your look. On average inkbox tattoos applied here last for two weeks!


Tattoos featured: VelvetPaddin



If you want attention drawn to your thigh tattoo, let it peek out under shorts or skirts, or show it off on full display at the beach. A large canvas to work with, they’re great for bigger tattoos. Your upper thigh is also an easy spot to apply firm pressure, so your inkbox has a good chance of coming in dark and crisp.


Tattoos featured: Float on By | Eyes for You | Bogdan



Oh, the lower back tattoo. Colloquially known as the “tramp stamp,” a tattoo placed here is interpreted as alluring and sexual. But at inkbox we say if you like it, then you should rock it. Who cares what other people think anyways? If Amy Schumer can own it, so can we. The upper back is definitely a tricky spot to apply on your own, but grab an artistic friend and let them create something beautiful with our Freehand ink! The large, flat space on your back makes an excellent canvas for any artist. Tattoos applied on the back tend to last an average of 2 weeks days. You'll only really be able to see it for yourself in the mirror though, so if it's a daily reminder you might want to choose a more visible placement.


Tattoos featured: Soaring Over | Custom | My First Love



Spine tattoos are notoriously painful, so a tattoo in this location tells the world that you’re one tough cookie. But since our tattoos don’t hurt, you can communicate toughness without the pain!  Great for narrow, vertical tats that follow the curve of your vertebrae.  


Tattoos featured: Katherine | Embedded Sense | Hebi



A stomach tattoo tells the world that you’re confident and that you embrace your body, even if it may change with time. Where you get your tattoo on your stomach depends how much you want it seen by others. Do you want it peeking out from clothes? Or do you just want it to be seen on the beach or in the bedroom? Even though this is a bit more of an intimate location it’s tricky to apply the necessary pressure yourself. It’s a good idea to grab a friend for this one!

Tattoos featured: Paper Kite | Internal Attention | Star Line


To sum things up, there are a ton of great spots for you to apply your inkbox! But if you want the most out of it, it’s important to know the best spots for applicaiton and duration! Check out our charts below for a visual guide.

How long they last

Grab a friend or DIY?

Check out our Instagram for more placement inspo and DM us if you have any questions about where to put your inkbox!