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Posted on Jul 03, 2019

20 Rib Tattoos To Show Off This Summer

Rib tattoos so cute you'll wanna commit (for a bit). 


We love the stars far too much to be afraid of the night sky, which might be why we love this constellation tattoo



A posy is another word for a bouquet. Did you know that there is a language of flowers? Every bouquet carries its own symbolic meaning where different flowers represent specific sentiments. We'll let you decide what this one means for yourself.



 A reminder that even an arrow needs to be pulled back before it can soar.



The word Dandy is used to describe something excellent of its kind, and isn't this design just dandy?

Custom Tattoo

Looking for a tattoo that's just as unique as you? You can create your own tattoo with our custom platform! Upload a photo, or use our image library and text tools to bring your vision to life, like this rib tattoo that reads "Time heals all wounds" paired with a clock.


Embrace the non-binary, the inside, the outside, the in between, the nothing and the everything. The future is fluid.



This long-necked tattoo is such a fun addition to any bikini and is a great go-to for any giraffe lover. You can explore more Inkbox animal tattoos here.



Be free, be you, with this delicate script rib tattoo.


Freehand Ink

Create your own personal masterpiece with our freehand ink! Although, since the rib is a tricky placement we'd recommend grabbing your most artistic friend to do it for you.


Get handsy with this design by Toronto tattoo artist Curt Montgomery, and see his full collection of Inkbox tattoos, because TBH they'd all look great on any ribcage.



This small text tattoo reads "love" in Hebrew.


Every flower is a soul blooming in nature, and we're loving how this design blooms across the ribcage. Check out more flower tattoos here.


Laika was the first dog to orbit in space, but the American media dubbed her as Mutnik. We think a space doggo definitely deserve a tattoo in honor of its expedition.



A detailed geometric tattoo, like this mandala from our Corey Divine collection, makes a bold impact.



*Waving goodbye to our responsibilities this summer like:*



Roses and pearls? Forget about diamonds, this Inkbox is our new best friend.



This design is named after Rosea Plena, a type of Peony.



The word Syzygy is used to describe "a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun". We think they fit pretty well together in this tattoo.



Dance like the world is watching. Part of our collection in partnership with superstar shuffler and creator Elena Cruz.



Inspired by the modern works of Henri Matisse, this face makes for the perfect peek-a-boo rib tattoo.


Can't get enough of these tattoos? Luckily, we have a lot more tattoos for you to choose from - over 2,500! You can also create your own customized rib tattoo on our custom platform.