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Posted on Mar 29, 2018

10 Reasons People Use inkbox

There's a wide range of reasons as to why people use inkbox. We're pumped to be able to offer inkbox as an option for people who can't get real tattoos, but also as a warm-up before someone gets inked...

There's a wide range of reasons as to why people use inkbox. We're pumped to be able to offer inkbox as an option for people who can't get real tattoos, but also as a warm-up before someone gets inked for good. Whether it's a tattoo from our catalogue of 1,000+ designs, a custom tattoo, or a creation with Freehand Ink, read on to check out 10 reasons behind why people use inkbox.


Skin Conditions & Allergies

There are a number of skin conditions that may negatively affect getting a real tattoo. While highly-skilled tattoo artists may be able to work around some of the complications, often people don’t want to take the risk. Whether someone has keloids, psoriasis, vitiligo, etc. we want everyone to be able to experience the look of a tattoo - even if it’s just for 8-18 days. Unfortunately, not all bodies react positively to real tattoo ink. For some, when the ink is sent into the dermis the body might think that it’s not supposed to be there and wants it out. While there’s way less metal in today’s tattoo inks, there can still be unintentional contaminants.


Testing Out Tattoos

One of our goals here at inkbox is to help people ink with confidence. Life’s too short for shitty tattoos, so we want people to be 100% confident if and when they decide to commit. We love hearing stories about people getting real tattoos after testing it out with inkbox, and our Custom Platform has allowed people to bring their tattoo idea to life and test out size, placement, reactions from others, and help them decide if they even want a tattoo at all.


Religion & Culture

Depending how strongly someone follows their beliefs and the restrictions or guidelines that are intertwined with it, many religions disprove of permanent tattoos. For example, Muslims are told they must not make permanent changes to the body to enhance beauty, and permanent tattoos fall under this category. Since inkbox tattoos only sit in the very top layer of the skin, they are water permeable and can still be worn during prayer.


Film, Television & Theatre

Using semi-permanent tattoos in the entertainment industry is far more practical than adding extra hours onto actors' daily hair and makeup sessions. Since our tattoos look legit and can be customized, they’re the perfect solution for on-screen tattoos. The makeup department of Netflix’s Stranger Things Amy L. Forsythe used inkbox for a number of the tatts on Season 2! We’ve heard that the latest Hollywood blockbuster “The Greatest Showman on Earth” had a circus character rocking inkbox on his hands and neck too. 


Needle Phobia

It’s estimated that at least 10% of American adults have a fear of needles, but it’s probably higher. While some may scoff this reason off to being wimps, a true neeldle phobia can result in anxiety, insomnia when there’s an upcoming procedure, and panic attacks. If someone is this scared of the process and pain of getting a real tattoo, we’re stoked to be able to offer them the experience of a tattoo without the fear.


Self-Harm Recovery

*Trigger Warning: This paragraph contains content regarding self-harm that may be triggering.* We’ve received tons of messages from inkbox customers who share their stories in how inkbox has helped them with their self-harm tendencies. Many of them have shared that when they feel the urge to cut, instead they choose to draw with our Freehand Ink, and remind themselves of the art and beauty in the world. It’s becoming more and more common that those who suffer from self-harm eventually get real tattoos to cover their scars, and we’ve had customers test out designs with inkbox before committing to the real thing.



While it’s not impossible to get a real tattoo during pregnancy, it’s not recommended. Doctors would warn that there’s a slight risk of contracting an infection that could potentially harm your baby. We’ve had expecting mothers use inkbox during their pregnancy, either to scratch the itch of getting a tattoo or to decorate their baby bump!


Age Restrictions

You might think, “teens can just wait until they're old enough to get a real tattoo”. But do you remember when you were 14 years old and wanted to take part in social trends and express yourself? Tattoos are more and more prevalent in popular culture today, so it’s no wonder that the younger generation is itching to partake. Our hope is that the younger someone is able to test out a tattoo with inkbox, there will be less 16-year-old tattoo regrets. We’ve even had parents who are covered in tattoos buy inkbox for their children as a fun bonding activity.


Work Regulations

While many workplaces are becoming more open to tattoos (it’s about time) there still exist certain fields in which visible tattoos are frowned upon. Even if it may not be a written rule for certain jobs, visible tattoos could still affect your professional growth whether the employer admits it or not. And if you think it’s only strict stuffy jobs like lawyers and doctors that might not get real tattoos, those who work in the entertainment industry as actors or models also refrain from getting tattoos as it may limit their bookings. Don’t believe us? There’s a reason why Kendall Jenner only opts for tiny, white ink tattoos that aren’t very noticeable.


Self-expression & FUN

Even if absolutely none of these reasons apply to you, there’s one last and final reason why people use inkbox tattoos. FUN. inkbox is nothing if not about pure and unfiltered self-expression. Want to rock a tattoo for a music festival? Go for it! Going on vacation and want an accompanying tattoo to go with your golden tan? We’ve got you. Have no upcoming exciting plans? No problem. Grab a few friends and have some tattoo nights, either getting matching tatts or drawing on each other with Freehand Ink! Our Freehand Ink is an amazing 


Is there another reason YOU use inkbox that we didn't mention? Slide into our DMs on Instagram and let us know!