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inkbox on Stranger Things

Posted on Oct 30, 2017

The widely anticipated Stranger Things 2 is out. Seeing as you’ve probably already binge-watched the entire thing (I mean, 9 episodes? That’s nothing) then you’ll be safe from spoilers.


However here’s one Stranger Things spoiler you might not know… most of the tattoos on the show are inkbox!


Semi-permanent tattoos prove to be highly practical for the entertainment industry, as it takes away one less step in hair and makeup prep - which can already take hours for the cast. Stranger Things makeup department head Amy L. Forsythe decided to use Inkbox for a number of the tatts on Season 2.


Eleven’s iconic namesake tattoo ? inkbox. What about Kali, aka “008”? inkbox.



We don't want to take credit for how badass Axel looks, but safe to say his inkbox tattoos add to the character. Well, that and his candy-corn-coloured mohawk.



Up close and personal of Episode 7 Axels pock marks (sculpted by Tom Denier) applied and painted by Jillian Erickson and some of the custom tattoos I️ had Jeremy Sutton draw up for the episode. I️ traced his work on a light box to make I️t a little less polished, put stencils on @jameslandryhebert and hand drew @inkbox freehand ink over the stencils. The two week ink helped our makeup times a lot and we also enjoyed the science behind watching them develop over 24hrs. #science #labrat #strangerthings #season2 #episode1 #epispde7 #pockmarks #prosaidetransfers #temporary #tattoos #inkbox #charactermakeup #punk #makeupdepartment #funstuff #ittakesavillage #collaboration #design

A post shared by Amy L Forsythe (@amylforsythe) on


Once they wrapped up shooting, a few of the cast members decided to ink themselves up with some pizza slices. Seeing as Finn Wolfhard is only 14 years old, this is the closest he'll get to a real tattoo for a few years. 


I just wrapped! Got some matching 2 week tattoos with some people I love.

A post shared by Finn Wolfhard (@finnwolfhardofficial) on

Season 2 wrap matching pizza slice tattoos ???????? #inkbox #handdrawnink #tattoos #temporary #pizzaslices #homies #strangerthings #season2 #bts

A post shared by Amy L Forsythe (@amylforsythe) on



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