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Ripley by Cassandra Hatcher is a Gaming & Fandom temporary tattoo from inkbox - 0
 by  is a  temporary tattoo from inkbox - 1
inkbox Tattoo 2x2 Kit Image


Your inkbox tattoo comes with everything you need to apply

$ 16

$ 14


Tattoo Dimensions: 1.3 x 0.5 inches

Meaning of Design / Name:  Based on the 1979 sci-fi horror film, this design is one for the true believers. “This is Ripley, the last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off” a quote from Ellen Ripley’s last stand scene.

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Your inkbox™ kit includes
  • Patented inkbox design
  • Black nitrile glove
  • Pre-moistened cloth

  • One ethyl alcohol wipe
  • Instruction booklet
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