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Our purpose is to support and
celebrate the story of you.



Our purpose is to support and celebrate
the story of you.

Our purpose is to support and celebrate the story of you.

Our Values

Explore creatively and unapologetically
Treating customers like BFFs
Inclusively supporting others
Practicing sincerity, without bullshit
Being better than yesterday

Our Perks

Health & Wellness Coverage
Lunch & Learns
Office Dogs
Ping Pong Tournaments
$500 Tattoo Credit
Snacks & Coffee
Team Socials
Team Clubs
Birthday Day Off

Join Our Team

As a direct-to-consumer tattoo brand, we empower customers with the ultimate tool for self-expression. Want to be a part of the inkbox magic? We’re always looking to add more talent to our growing team!

Meet The inkfam

Tyler Handley Headshot

Tyler Handley


Braden Handley Headshot

Braden Handley


Louise Hucal Headshot

Louise Hucal


Tammy Singh Headshot

Tammy Singh


Riaz Lalani Headshot

Riaz Lalani

Chief Product Officer

Ethan Steip Headshot

Ethan Steip

Operations Manager - Production

Brodie Mazurek Headshot

Brodie Mazurek

Performance Marketing Lead

Paul Fanone Headshot

Paul Fanone

Lead Software Engineer

Aiden Parker Headshot

Aiden Parker

Product Manager

Ella Qi Headshot

Ella Qi

Operations Manager - Supply Chain Management

Aash Nathwani Headshot

Aash Nathwani

Head Of Activations

Diandra Urech Headshot

Diandra Urech

Brand Activations Manager

Nikki Di Biasio Headshot

Nikki Di Biasio

Artist Community Coordinator

Dr. Ian Mallov Headshot

Dr. Ian Mallov

Research Scientist

Jennifer Howe Headshot

Jennifer Howe

Office Manager

Melina Mansing Headshot

Melina Mansing

Business Development Manager

Thomas Chappotteau Headshot

Thomas Chappotteau

Financial Analyst

Felipe Sena Headshot

Felipe Sena

Senior Designer

Danielle Harvey Headshot

Danielle Harvey

Creator Marketing Coordinator

Sarah Skrlj Headshot

Sarah Skrlj

Experiential Marketing Director

Stuart Calverley Headshot

Stuart Calverley

Full Stack Engineer

Renaud Beaupre Headshot

Renaud Beaupre

Growth Marketing Data Analyst

Deborah Oomen Headshot

Deborah Oomen

Brand Manager

Sarah Harvey Headshot

Sarah Harvey

Creative Curator

Miguel Romero Headshot

Miguel Romero

Junior Product Designer

Rachel Llanera Headshot

Rachel Llanera

Experiential Marketing Coordinator

Shachi Juthani Headshot

Shachi Juthani

Accounting Coordinator

Emma Benner Headshot

Emma Benner

Customer Support Specialist

Eric Anthonypillai Headshot

Eric Anthonypillai

Customer Support Specialist

Karen Santora Headshot

Karen Santora

Marketplace Coordinator

Cindy Tran Headshot

Cindy Tran

Social Media Coordinator

Fiona Pham Headshot

Fiona Pham

Accounting Coordinator

Kathryn Leader Headshot

Kathryn Leader

Email Marketing Manager

Dilon Ho Headshot

Dilon Ho

Creative Coordinator

Leah Stewart Headshot

Leah Stewart

Executive Assistant

Catherin Zhao Headshot

Catherin Zhao

Senior Accountant

Ed Sanchez Headshot

Ed Sanchez

UX UI Designer

Pablo Arias Vistorte Headshot

Pablo Arias Vistorte

Full Stack Engineer

Rachel Zoldan Headshot

Rachel Zoldan

Editor In Chief Media Property

Rodas Dechassa Headshot

Rodas Dechassa

Video Lead

Liam Headshot


Partnerships Lead

Cheyanne Washington Headshot

Cheyanne Washington

Creative Coordinator

Corrine Ho Headshot

Corrine Ho

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Tyler Rehberg Headshot

Tyler Rehberg

Laser Technician

Zach Ceolin Headshot

Zach Ceolin

Fulfillment Coordinator

Fil Janjos Headshot

Fil Janjos

Laser Technician

Lauren Mercurio-Smith Headshot

Lauren Mercurio-Smith

Head of Team Culture

James Liu Headshot

James Liu

Automation Engineer

Kristyn Klamut Headshot

Kristyn Klamut

Custom Design Lead

Babs Amaral Headshot

Babs Amaral

Fulfillment Team Lead

Alyssa Follett Headshot

Alyssa Follett

Manager of Customer Support

Vanessa Dent Headshot

Vanessa Dent

Creative Coordinator

David Clifton Headshot

David Clifton


Luke Murphy Headshot

Luke Murphy

Retail Store Manager - Stackt

Nixxon Dempster Headshot

Nixxon Dempster

Laser Technician

Nicco Calvello Headshot

Nicco Calvello

Graphic Designer

Paul Kus Headshot

Paul Kus

Artist Growth Manager

Robert Thornton Headshot

Robert Thornton

Fulfillment Coordinator

Channing Anderson Headshot

Channing Anderson

Fulfillment Coordinator

Youssef Sahdi Headshot

Youssef Sahdi

Laser Technician

Alvy Brazukas Headshot

Alvy Brazukas

Fulfillment Coordinator

Jobey Chua Headshot

Jobey Chua

Materials Engineer

Keisha O'Leary Headshot

Keisha O'Leary

Fulfillment Coordinator

Kate Blunck Headshot

Kate Blunck

Customer Support Specialist

Brandon Giambattista Headshot

Brandon Giambattista

Quality Control Coordinator

Roderick Goh Headshot

Roderick Goh

Chemical Engineer

Cruz Headshot


Customer Service Specialist

Rasheem Carty-Gardner Headshot

Rasheem Carty-Gardner

Activations Coordinator

Michael Kwan Headshot

Michael Kwan

Fulfillment Coordinator

Talia Missaghi Headshot

Talia Missaghi

Marketplace Coordinator

Barney Bolland Headshot

Barney Bolland

Creative Coordinator

Sunny Deng Headshot

Sunny Deng

Materials Engineer

Nareg Kara-Yacoubian Headshot

Nareg Kara-Yacoubian

Research Chemist

Arnav Khosla Headshot

Arnav Khosla

Customer Support Specialist

Celine Carney Headshot

Celine Carney

Fulfillment Coordinator

Elvis Ndayishimiye Headshot

Elvis Ndayishimiye

Fulfillment Coordinator

Magida El-Kassis Headshot

Magida El-Kassis

Fulfillment Coordinator

Mei Headshot



Motaz Adam Headshot

Motaz Adam

Fulfillment Coordinator

Nate Galbraith Headshot

Nate Galbraith

Creative Coordinator

Jeff Otway Headshot

Jeff Otway

Fulfillment Team Lead

Oshi Headshot


Office Dog

Charizard aka Charlie Headshot

Charizard aka Charlie

Office Dog