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Darién Initiative

For 30 years the Darién Initiative has helped the indigenous people of the Darién Gap, Panama by:

  • Buying agricultural equipment to teach the locals how to use machinery

  • Creating a local fair market where townspeople can buy and sell produce

  • Establishing green houses to sustain a diet consisting of more vegetables

  • Building a town center for kids to go after school

  • Helping with natural disaster efforts, which occur more and more often in the Darién Gap due to deforestation and farming

The ink we use is derived from a fruit that primarily grows in the jungles of the Darién Gap, Panama.

This area is home to the Embera-Wounaan and Kuna indians, who still rely on their local forests for survival. The Darién Initiative ensures that we're sustainably harvesting their fruit and giving back to their community.

Our most recent trip to the Tribes in Panama

We’re proud to support the Darién Initiative

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