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<p>(Re)introduce yourself.</p>

(Re)introduce yourself.

Pandemic life has been lonely… to say the least. Slow-moving days, endless lockdowns, too many hours online. But real life is (finally!) restarting.

Now it's time to get back to you. Time to remind yourself — and the world — who you are.

And we're here to help.

Welcome back!

Whether you're the life of the party, quiet and quirky, an unapologetic nerd, super into art, or still finding yourself, we have the tattoo for you.

Back to School

Last year, school sucked. But after 18 months of pandemic living and learning, IRL class is back in session. This year, back to school = back to life, back to friends, back to fun. And we're here to help you mark every moment.

<p>There's something for everyone on campus.</p>

There's something for everyone on campus.

Between class and extracurriculars, there's room for all of us to play, connect, explore, and grow in college. And tattoos make the experience even more memorable.

<p>We've got spirit! Yes, we do!</p>

We've got spirit! Yes, we do!

When your team spirit runs this deep, you'll take any opportunity to rep your school — tattoos included.

<p>Alpha to Omega</p>

Alpha to Omega

Alpha. Theta. Zeta. Omega. They're more than random Greek letters — they're a legendary part of life on college campuses around the globe.

The Freehand Tattoo Marker

A revolutionary new tool that empowers you to create custom tattoo designs as limitless as your imagination. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when it's back in stock!

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