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Posted on Mar 31, 2020

9 Tattoo Pranks That Are Too Good

Need a laugh? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite pranks that y’all have pulled using our tattoos.

We could all use a little extra laughter in our lives right now. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite pranks that y’all have pulled using our tattoos. 

Create your own tattoo on our Custom Platform to pull off the perfect prank. 

We can’t handle this mom’s reaction to her son’s (Inkbox) tattoos. “I’m gonna scrub it like some dishes.”


His boyfriend is NOT happy when he gets a tattoo in honor of his ex…


Him: It’s real.
His mom: No.

@collin_c_storm Follow my insta @collin_c_storm or I’ll kiss you ♬ original sound - collin_c_storm

Just wait for her mom’s face when she’s trying to figure out if she’s lying or telling the truth. 

@gabby_meyer had to show off my new ink box tattoo!! @inkboxtattoos ##inkbox ##tattoosfornow ##UltraSmoothMoves ##checkthisout ♬ original sound - gabby_meyer

Watch this mother-daughter duo prank their unsuspecting dad. 


Thank goodness the dog was there for her mom’s emotional support. 

@rushalimanchanda @inkboxtattoos she was really mad at me for this ???????????????? ##inkbox ##tattoosfornow ##foryoupage ##foryou ##fyp ##greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound - rushalimanchanda

See whose parents have the worst reaction out of this friend group.


This girlfriend successfully convinces her bf that she got a tattoo of a rose. “It’s massive!”

@diandrao I ##pranked him ????♥️ Can't believe I managed to keep this away from him ???? @inkboxtattoos ##inkbox ##tattoosfornow ♬ original sound - diandrao

And HOW could we forget the poor Nonnas. Even though this was done with the old version of our product, it’s still one of our all-time faves. 

Keep ‘em coming Inkfam! We love seeing you pull off epic pranks with our tattoos. Create your own today.