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Posted on Oct 09, 2019

Your Mental Health Stories and Freehand Ink

Find our how Freehand Ink plays a role in some people's journeys with mental health.

When we first started Inkbox, we wanted to provide people with the tools to express themselves through tattoos, without having to commit to forever. We've helped people experience the look of a tattoo, explore different versions of themselves, and a ton of you have used our tattoos to test-drive before getting it done permanently. In the beginning, we had no idea that Inkbox could have a role to play in an individual's journey with mental health. Read on to hear your stories, and how some of you have used Freehand Ink to create art instead of destruction.

*Trigger Warning: This blog post contains sensitive content with regards to self-harm and depression that may be triggering*

“Inkbox and body art has helped me deal with my anxiety and depression. I’ve always turned to drawing whenever I’m feeling down and I began making drawings on my arms when I was in high school and things were particularly tough. Now that I’ve discovered Inkbox, I’ve found a way to make this art a bit more permanent, I’ll either draw intricate designs on my arms and doodles to calm myself down and feel a bit of pride and joy when I feel down or I write quotes and reminders on my arms and hands to turn to when I’m feeling down or stressed, and when it fades after a few days or weeks, it reminds me that this too, these moments of sadness and hopelessness are temporary, and the sun will rise the next day and we will start again. The fading of the tattoo fades after a while, my blank canvas comes back and I can try again. It’s a good reminder and metaphor for my struggles with mental health to know what tomorrow, when the pain fades, I can try again. Thanks for giving me this tool to create art to get through my tough times and for raising awareness so that people know that everything will be okay.”


“I want to share a little story. In the midst of December, someone close to me took their own life. Being 16, I didn’t know how to cope and felt so angry and distant. She had 4 beautiful tattoos and the most prominent ones were on her arm. She had a sleeve of a peacock feather and roses. Ever since I heard about you guys I’ve been so interested in tattoos but I’m certainly not allowed to because of my parents. One day my friend bought some and offered me a bit to use. Since then I’ve been drawing on myself crazy and had tried to create little tattoos to recreate hers. So thank you guys for creating this product and allowing me to have a taste of the wonders of a tattoo.” Anonymous

"I was invited to prom a few months ago by my best friend and I couldn’t find a dress that would cover my scars so I actually got my brother to draw a lion on my arm. I can’t wait until I turn 18 so I can actually get that tattoo, but Inkbox gave me the confidence to go without a jumper even if it wasn’t completely showing them.” Anonymous

“Inkbox, especially freehand ink, has become one of my favourite alternatives for self-harm. As someone suffering from BPD, it’s hard to find something that will work right in that moment when I need it the most, when my mood is all over the place, but I’ve learnt to use Inkbox to my advantage. It forces me to stay focused on drawing the ink & waiting for it to set. So honestly I’m just really thankful I stumbled upon you guys some time last year.” @othertypist


"My friends mom died and because of the ink bottle he was able to keep putting the word mom on his ankle over and over to not forget her and it got him through a tough time where he didn’t have her." Anonymous

“I love that you are focusing on mental health. That has been a big struggle for me through my depression, anxiety, and panic. I’ve used drawing as a release for the pain a lot. When I first discovered Inkbox it gave me new inspiration. Anytime I started getting to a low point, my friends would ask me to draw on them with my Inkbox freehand and it always helped. My road to recovery hasn’t been easy, but Inkbox has helped calm my mind through the chaos.” @kayjoyk


"My friend has had a problem with cutting in the past and her parents hate the thought of her having real tattoos. I gave her one of my bottles of freehand ink and now whenever she wants to cut, she instead draws some sort of design somewhere on her body! Thank you so much for making this product because I’m honestly not sure if she’d be here without it.” Anonymous

"I struggle with anxiety and while I went to therapy I was always told to draw things that soothed me. Since I never felt like I was wanted at home I would always draw a house because out of everyone in the world my fiance was my home. I now use Inkbox to draw a little house on my hand so when I work I’ll be reminded that through my times where anxiety took the best of me, he was by my side. I’ve used your product for 2 years and I don’t regret it! Thank you." @asvina.k

It means so much to use when you share your stories with us. Send us a DM anytime on Instagram, we're all ears.