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Posted on Aug 23, 2018

Inked With Love: Celebrities With Dedicated Ink for Their Family

Tattoos have been a way to showcase one’s style and self-expression. For some, it’s a great medium to show the true extent of how much a person means to someone. Whether it be for a family member who ...

Tattoos have been a way to showcase one’s style and self-expression. For some, it’s a great medium to show the true extent of how much a person means to someone. Whether it be for a family member who was lost too soon, or just to show one’s gratitude and appreciation for someone else, tattoos are one of the ultimate gestures of love. So it’s no surprise celebrities have been inked themselves in honour of friends and family, here’s a short list of some of our faves!


Joe Jonas & Sophia Turner

Joe Jonas and his fiancé, Sophia Turner, went together to get inked by @mr.k_tattoo to honour their grandparents. Joe opted for a postage stamp featuring his grandpa’s face, while Sophie got a single letter on her pinky finger.


For PaPa Miller. Thank you @mr.k_tattoo ????

A post shared by J O E J O N A S (@joejonas) on

@mr.k_tattoo for my grandad. My hero.

A post shared by Sophie Turner (@sophiet) on


Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill isn’t the only star of his family, his 24-year old little sister has co-starred in the Oscar-nominated movie Lady Bird AND has a leading role in the Broadway musical, Hello, Molly! To show his lil sis support Jonah Hill got Hello, Beanie (his sister’s name) tattooed on his arm in the musical’s notable font. Talk about supportive siblings.


HELLO, BEANIE! @beaniefeldstein ❤️

A post shared by Jonah Hill (@jonahhill) on



Adele has accumulated a couple small tattoos over the years, most dedicated to her son. Our fave one is the letter ‘A’ behind her ear for her son Angelo. Simple, but beautifully placed and done. She says of her son “He is my paradise” and has also gotten the word tattooed on her left hand.


Brooklyn Beckham

Following in the foot steps of his inked up father, Brooklyn Beckham has been racking up a few tattoos of is own! Above his elbow, he has gotten “020511” representing the years of when his younger siblings were born, showing some big brother love :’).


Angelina Jolie

One of Hollywood’s most notable actresses, Angelina Jolie, has the birthplace coordinates of her 6 children, as well Brad Pitt’s place of birth inked on her arm. The coordinates are of specific locations in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia, Vietnam, France, and the last coordinate is Oklahoma for Brad.



Macklemore and his wife, Tricia Davis, gave birth to their first child on May 29th 2015 and a couple months later debuted his tattoo dedicated to her! Written on his chest, the tattoo reads the name of his daughter Sloane in a thick cursive lettering.

A post shared by Tricia Davis (@baba_g) on


Bella Throne

Did you know Bella Throne had a twin sister? We didn’t either until we discovered she got tatted with her! Shown on her IG story, Bella and her twin got the words “If lost, find twin” on their feet in an adorable simple font.


Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson has grown up quickly before our eyes and has gotten a few tattoos to pay tribute to her late father, the king of pop. One of the tattoos she had gotten was of Michael Jackson’s 1991 album - Dangerous, which was tattooed on her inner arm. Below you can see her rocking the ink side-by-side with a Dangerous album tee.



Kanye West

No one loves Kanye more than Kanye right? Probably applicable to his firstborn North as well, who sees no shortage of love from her famous power couple parents. To pay tribute to Kanye’s late mother Donda West and North, he got both their birthdates tattooed in Roman numerals on his wrist.


Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande

One of 2018's most talked about celebrity engagements, the two lovebirds have gotten a number of tattoos for each other. Before all his Ariana-dedicated ink, Pete had his father's badge number inked on his arm to pay tribute to his father passed away during the 9/11 attacks in NYC. To add on, his fiancé also recently got the numbers tattooed on her foot.


Selena Gomez

Friends are the family you get to choose right? Last but definitely not least, over the last weekend Selena Gomez, along with her three best friends, got the number four tattooed to signify the four of them having each other’s backs for life. Sweet and simple right?!


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