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Posted on Aug 22, 2019

Inkbox Employees Answer Your Questions

15 of your most frequently asked questions answered by 15 of our team members.

You've got questions. We've got answers! We got the scoop for 15 of our team members to answer 15 of your most frequently asked questions.


What are Inkbox tattoos made of?

"Our tattoos are made up of plant-based ingredients that are safe for your skin and don't contain any PPD (a nasty chemical often found in hair dye). The active ingredient is derived from the Genipa Americana plant. Tribes in the Amazon have been using this plant to adorn themselves for thousands of years!" Arnav, Customer Support Specialist


Can I customize an Inkbox tattoo?

"Absolutely! You can either use the tools in our custom platform to create a design, or upload your own - just keep in mind that simplicity is key for the best result." Kristyn, Custom Design Lead


What are your most popular designs?

"By far it’s Pajaros! I’m not the biggest fan of birds (or anything else that can fly) but I love the way this tattoo looks on a collarbone or forearm." Rodas, Video Lead 


How long do your tattoos last?

“Between one and two weeks! But several different things can affect how long Inkbox lasts on you: how moist your skin is, if the weather where you are is hot or cold, dry or humid, if you spend a lot of time in the sun, and if you exfoliate your skin. In addition to all of this, your skin's unique chemistry also affects how long your tattoo will last." Ian, Research Chemist


How do you apply Inkbox tattoos?

“I love picking placements based on the size of the tattoo - tiny ones on my hands and wrists and larger ones anywhere on my legs! I’ll hold the tattoo (design facing up) and check it out in the mirror to see if I like the placement. I peel the white backing, place the tattoo, and put on the gloves before wetting the blue area with the alcohol wipe. Then I warm up the cloth for 10 seconds, give it a good shake if it’s too hot, and refold it to a size that will cover the entire patch and press down for 15 minutes. I always make sure all areas and corners get a little extra love! When time’s up to peel the tattoo off, I wait 5 minutes before gently washing the area with soap and water. Once I pat it dry, I sit back and let Inkbox work its magic!” Rachel, Experiential Marketing Coordinator


Who designs the tattoos?

"Our tattoo designs come from our talented artist community, featuring artists from all over the world! Every time an artist's tattoo is sold, they make money. We think it's a pretty sweet side-hustle." Nikki, Artist Community Coordinator


Where can I buy Inkbox tattoos?

The best place to buy our tattoos would definitely online at I mean, we have literally over 4,000 designs and ship all over the world. But, if you live in Toronto, NYC, or Japan then you’re in luck! You can visit one of our physical pop-up stores in the flesh! In some of them you can even get a tattoo that lasts forever. Find the nearest one to you right here, and be sure to let us know where you want to see us next!” Rasheem, Brand Activations Coordinator


Do you work with tattoo artists?

"We work with tattoo artists big and small, local and global, with styles varying from linework to blackwork to photorealism! Some of my favorite collections so far are by Curt Montgomery and Corey Divine. If there's an artist you want us to work with, let us know!" Liam, Head of Partnerships 


What’s it like to work at Inkbox?

"Working at Inkbox is like working with a bunch of friends to achieve the same goals. Seriously, everyone is so kind and intelligent here! Our bosses trust us to get our jobs done and that autonomy is so good for our professional growth. You can often hear people laughing and having a good time around you, and it just adds to the warm and welcoming atmosphere. And the fact that Oshi (my dog) comes to the office every day is the icing on the cake! Couldn’t ask for more." Lauren, People & Culture


What’s the difference between Inkbox and temporary tattoos?

“Where do I even begin! Temporary tattoos as people commonly know them are literally like stickers for your skin. If you were to try one, within 24 hours it'd be sticky and would have collected dirt and fibers from your clothes. Not to mention, they're often super shiny too and are visibly fake. Don't get me wrong, the glitter and unicorns can be cute, but Inkbox is the modern evolution of temp tattoos that look way more realistic. What makes us different is that these tattoos aren't sticking anything on top of the skin, but rather sinking into the top layer of your skin (the epidermis) and changing its color. You can learn more about the differences on our blog.” Deb, Brand Manager


Do you have any sales or promotions happening right now?

“For sure! Our sale section is the perfect place to find a variety of designs at an amazing reduced price. Not sure what to get? You can also save money and take your chances with our roulette bundles of handpicked tattoos. Also, don't forget about our 15% student discount. Lastly, if you’re new to Inkbox and trying out tattoos for the first time, use the code GETINKED5 for $5 off!” Corinne, Digital Marketing Coordinator


How do you use Freehand Ink?

“I almost always use my favorite tip - 20G - then start by squeezing a bit on the skin, lifting the bottle and while still keeping a consistent squeeze, draw my line. I end the line by touching the tip to the skin again and letting go. Whenever you’re done your piece, let it set for one hour and then wash it off with some warm water and soap. The next day your tattoo will have developed!” Talia, Artist Community Coordinator (and handpoke tattoo artist)


Where does Inkbox ship to?

"We want the world to be self-expressive and that's why we ship to 178 countries! It's so cool to see people on the other side of the world wearing tattoos that were made right here at our Toronto office. If you want the full deets on where we ship you can head to our help desk that our stellar customer success team has put together." Babs, Operations Manager


How many tattoos does Inkbox have?

“A s**t ton! We have 4,000’ish in our online store, another 300’ish in our new Toronto store, and that doesn’t include the 90 thousand custom tattoos that we’ve sold!” Paul, Lead Software Engineer


When and how did Inkbox start?

“We started in 2015 because we wanted to test tattoos out before getting them. We started by importing the fruit from Panama and hand mixing it, then printing off stencils using a $150 dye cutter. Launched with about 50 designs that we sourced from graphic designer friends. Our first sale was to an Instagram follower in Amsterdam!” Braden, Co-founder

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