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Posted on Apr 12, 2018

Celeb-status Tattoos

Celebrities - they're just like us! They go grocery shopping, go to the gym, and get tattoos. We've rounded up some celeb-status tattoos and matched them up with an inkbox, so you can be just like you...

Celebrities - they're just like us! They go grocery shopping, go to the gym, and get tattoos. We've rounded up some celeb-status tattoos and matched them up with an inkbox, so you can be just like your fave singer or movie star. Click the images to shop the design directly!

Leave it to bad gal Riri to literally pull of anything that touches her body. Her bold sternum tattoo takes her to next-level goddess status, literally, as her tattoo is Egyptian goddess Isis. While we don’t have an exact replica of this design, channel your inner-Rihanna and apply one of our sternum tattoos  for an instant boost of self confidence.

If you can’t tell, we’re really into all things Rihanna. The twinkling trail of stars adds an extra spark to the singer’s look, and we’re not talking about the new Fenty body luminizer. Grab a friend to help you apply our starry design on your back, and be sure to rock it wearing a halter or strapless top. 

The 24-year-old singer just keeps on coming back to Toronto tattoo artist Curt Montgomery (@curtmontgomerytattoos) - at this point she has about 4 or 5 of his pieces. We don’t blame her, enough we couldn’t get enough after his first collection with inkbox, we had to make a second! Cop a similar piece to hers, two faces making out, with our design Frenchin’. Disclaimer: When wearing this tattoo you might suddenly feel like you can sing and that you’re dating G-Eazy. 

Harry Styles
This tattoo is classic - Harry got it when he was still in 1D, but it still looks just as good as when he was belting out “Baby it’s youuuuuu”. To replicate his chest piece, you’ll need two of these sweet creatures. Maybe check with a friend as you’re applying them though, your guitar solo won’t look as bad-ass with an asymmetrical tattoo.

Harry has said that this detailed ship design is meant to remind him of travelling homeward when he's busy travelling around the world.

Demi Lovato
Demi is all about being bold and fearless. The lion tattoo on her hand is a constant reminder to stay fierce. If you’ve got some Freehand skill or have an artistic friend that does, grab our ink to replicate the king of the jungle. We guarantee that no one will mess with you over 8-18 days, and not just because a hand tattoo is badass, but because of the boost of self-confidence you’ll get.

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There’s a reason why this is one of our most popular designs of all time. Birds can symbolize a ton of different things for everyone. For Demi, they symbolize freedom. Whether it’s the freedom to be who you want, the freedom to leave the past behind, or just the freedom to stay in and wear sweats all weekend, you do you.

You may or may not have “God’s Plan” stuck in your head for the two weeks that you’re rocking this inkbox. Not a bad thing by any means, we just wanted to give you a fair warning because it might inspire you to suddenly hand out a ton of cash to your friends and those in need. 

Being based out of Toronto, you know we had to make an inkbox that featured the CN tower. We’re just as proud as Drizzy is to be from this eclectic, diverse, and hustling city. Whether you say it Toronnah, Torunno, Trawna, home is home and wear it proudly with this design straight from the 6ix.

Ariana Grande
The singer has admitted on Snapchat that this is her fave tattoo she has. We’re wondering if this is why she’s always rocking the high ponytail - to help show it off? If you decide to copy this dainty design yourself, just make sure the towel doesn’t move “side to side” during the application process.

Liam Payne
Did you know that Liam got the four chevron’s for his four then-bandmates? Talk about regrets. Don’t worry, with inkbox if you decide that you hate it, it’s just a temporary bad decision. 

Miley Cyrus
Let’s be real. At this point Miley has too many tattoos to count. Check out four below that you can replicate. She can’t stop and we can’t stop.

Zac Efron
Ok maybe we don’t fully recommend ALL of the tattoos on this list. We’ve heard that since getting YOLO on the side of his hand, Zac Efron has since had it removed. At least if you do it with our Freehand Ink, it’ll fade away after two weeks. No cover-up or tattoo removal necessary.

Lady Gaga
One of Lady Gaga’s many rib tattoos is a tribute to Bowie. The artist has always been inspired by his glamour and creative approach to music and songwriting. She got the Ziggy Stardust tattoo even before she paid tribute to him at the 2016 Grammy’s.

Mother Monster is all about peace, love, and acceptance of yourself and others. Replicate her wrist tattoo with a classic peace sign and keep spreading the good vibes.

The singer’s hand tattoo is inspired by the Hamsa amulet, meant to ward off the evil eye and other evil spirits. The inside of your hand might be tricky to apply an inkbox, as will all of the creases and fine lines, but we think this would look dope on the outside of your hand too!

Lea Michele
From Broadway to prime time television, this actress and singer has always followed her passion for music. Her dainty little notes on her shoulder are low-key way of showing her love for music to the world. You could easily do this over and over again with our Freehand Ink, or go for one of our premade musical tattoos.

Bella Hadid
Done by celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy, the supermodel got the teeniest tiniest rose on the back of the arm. It seems like all the models these days are flocking to tiny designs or white ink, and with good reason. Models who are entirely covered may have a harder time booking work, so it’s best to go for minimal work that can be easily covered with makeup. 

Is there a celebrity tattoo that you would LOVE as an inkbox? Hit us up on Instagram and let us know!