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Are Tattoos Addictive?

Posted on Nov 5, 2018

Tattoo addiction: Why body art doesn’t need a label

No one says anything to the world traveler who has to re-up her passport every year to make more room for exotic locale stamps. Or how about the can’t-start-my-day-without-a-non-fat-café-mocha cubicle mate – no label there, right? But add some custom artwork to your forearm a couple times a year, and suddenly you’re addicted to tattoos and the topic of discussion at the family Thanksgiving dinner.

For starters, let’s take care of the scientific side of things: Tattoo addiction is not a behavioral pattern that’s formally recognized as an addiction. But we admit, one is never enough. So, what is it that keeps us going back for more tattoos? We have a few ideas…

Express Yo’ Self

Tattoos are the ultimate claim to what defines you. From religion to your loyal Labrador retriever, your custom tattoos are a way to express who you are, what matters, and what you’ve learned along the way. How and where you express yourself through tattoos is another unique aspect. Building a sleeve or placing your body art in a visible spot on your body isn’t for everyone, and for those who want to temporarily test it out, inkbox offers a number of designs from which to choose.



Gotta Be A Higher Power

You know all those people who gather on the beach at sunrise to do yoga? For some tattoo collectors, the experience is similar, like a spiritual ritual. Whether it’s a self-cleanse or adding a form of personal expression, the process of designing or choosing the piece, sitting in the chair, and seeing the end result offers a connection to something beyond themselves.

No Pain No Gain

Think back to your first tattoo. The anticipation of the needles, the pain, the torture, the…hey, wait a minute…this doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as expected. The vibration of the needles laying a layer of ink into your skin becomes an enjoyable sensation for some. Even for some pieces in sensitive areas that can be uncomfortable, the beautiful artwork is well worth the temporary battle scars.

Feelings Fade

While the story behind a tattoo never fades, the same can’t be said for your excitement. After the ink dries and you carefully plan your wardrobe to put it on display, it can become the, “Oh, I got that one when I was…” story. The thrill of the art, the story, and the reactions fade. The only way to renew it? Another tattoo, of course.


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Rebel With Purpose

Society has built a persona for anyone with visible tattoos. So much so, that 37 percent of HR managers believe body art has a “limiting influence on career potential.” For some, displaying body art is a way to rebel against the stigma that society places on tattoos.


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So the next time you’re sifting through artwork from tattoo artists, whether you’re debating your first tattoo or searching for an uninked space on your body, forget the label of being addicted to tattoos. Addiction comes with so many negative connotations, and expressing yourself or finding a way to connect to a higher power should be celebrated, not a cause for intervention.

Written by JoAnna Brown 

Artwork by @_novaraye


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