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Posted on Oct 18, 2019

15 Fall Tattoos

Seasons change and so do we.

Seasons change and so do we. As we say "see ya later" to summer nights around the bonfire and gear up for chillier breezes and crunchy leaves, it's time to think about some new tattoos for your fresh start.


Although fir trees won't be changing their color anytime soon, you can count on this small design to act as a cute accessory to any of your fall looks.



When wearing this tasty tattoo, we think you head out to the nearest apple orchard with a pal. Give yourself some much-needed rest from screentime and put your phone away while you're wandering down the paths picking away. 10/10 would recommend.



They say that a wounded deer leaps the highest. Keep that mantra in mind this season as you face any hardships or tough times.



If you think about it, Autumn is really just a second Spring and every colorful leaf is like a new flower.



With chillier days come colder hands. In preparation to cuffing season, find someone who's hands can help keep you warm. Or, you could settle for this tattoo.



Any Netflix and chillin' that's happening in the next few months is going to be accompanied by blankets and a hot mug of your favorite drink. The question, "Coffee or tea?" is definitely easier to answer than "What should we watch?".



The ginkgo tree is thought to be one of the oldest living trees, dating back to more than 200 million years.



Inkbox + a good book + oversized sweater = the perfect Fall day.



Maybe you don't even care about the changing leaves or that crisp fall air. Maybe you just care that it's #spookyseason and you're ready to get creepy. Get your resting witch face on with this whimsical design.



We're all about tiny tattoos that play with a peek-a-boo effect. Perfect for the inevitable longer sleeves that we're wearing this season.



Did you know that pine cones can stay on trees for more than 10 years before dropping to the ground? This neat nature fact might encourage you to hold onto what matters to you.


Boo Boo

Did we scare you??



Spill the tea, sis.



At this point, our blood type is probably Pumpkin Spice. We might as well take it a step further with this jacked-up jack-o-lantern tattoo.



Maybe we have a few things to learn from trees. How simple, natural, and easy it is for them to let go. We hope that this last fall tattoo can inspire you to let go of whatever you need to and still stand strong.