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Posted on Oct 09, 2018

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas Using Inkbox

With Halloween around the corner, the age-old question everyone asks themselves is “what should I be for Halloween this year?” To put it simply the search and planning stage can be hard especially for...

With Halloween around the corner, the age-old question everyone asks themselves is “what should I be for Halloween this year?” To put it simply the search and planning stage can be hard especially for costumes that require tattoos, but it doesn’t have to be! Say goodbye to permanent marker tats, and hello to semi-permanent tattoos that’ll take your costume from 0-100. Don’t feel like thinking? That’s cool we did all the thinking for you, check out these DIY Halloween costumes you can rock this year and what you need to do so.


Southside Serpents


With Riverdale returning in a couple of days for its highly anticipated third season, we thought a Southside Serpent costume would be dope choice. To achieve this bad-ass look you’ll need a leather jacket, some jeans, and a Freehand South Side Serpent tattoo. Don’t be afraid if you aren’t the most artistically inclined! You can print off a picture of the tattoo, and use our Transfer Paper to trace and transfer it onto your skin to use as an outline. If you still don’t trust yourself, grab a friend to help!





If you’re feeling like going the nautical route this Halloween, why not be a Sailor? This relatively simple costume requires white pants, a white collared shirt OR a navy and white striped shirt, and a sailor hat you can find at your local costume store. Tattoos were a big staple in a Sailor’s look back in the day, especially in the old-school American style, so to top this costume off grab a hold of one of our many anchor tattoos! We’d personally recommend either Puerto Pilon or Leif.



Scotty P from We're the Millers

You’ve definitely seen this guy grace your screen, either from memes or the actual movie. Honestly, he could be an inkbox ambassador  because at the end of the day “No Ragrets” with our tattoos ;). To pull off Scotty P from We Are The Millers you’ll need a white tank top, a black bandana, a gold chain and a sick Freehand spelling out “NO RAGRETS”, spelling error intended. Let us be thankful you won’t actually end up regretting this one.




Sadly, we all have to wait another year until we get to see El back in action kicking Demogorgon butt. One way of remedying the absence of the series this year is dressing up as Eleven for Halloween. Get yourself a pink dress, navy jacket, white sneakers, knee-high socks, a box of Eggos and our El tattoo! An ideal place to apply the tattoo is on your inner left arm to best replicate her look. Also, not to brag but they did use inkbox on set so you’ll legit be like Eleven!




Jesse and Chester from Dude Where's My Car?

What does mine say? Dude. What does mine say? Sweet. Fun for those looking for a low-effort costume and has a friend with the same mindset! All you need for these chill costumes are some track pants, our Freehand Ink and your good ‘ole open back! Since this is a two-person costume, you can take turns applying each character’s respective “Dude” and “Sweet” tattoos. Luckily for you, these won’t last forever.



Death Eater

Death Eaters are probably one of the creepiest characters from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Everything about them, from their masks to their cloaks gives us the chills. The most important component to a Death Eater’s look is the Dark Mark, and luckily for you, we have our Morsmordre tattoo! After getting a hold of a black robe, dark pants, and a wand, all that’s left to do is apply the tattoo on your inner left arm. Tada, you have officially joined the inner circle of Voldermort's Death Eaters. 




Underneath it all we’re all just a bag of bones, so why not sport your truest self and be a Skeleton this year? You can master this look by either creating your own skeleton outfit or purchasing one similar to like this one we found on Amazon. All that’s left to do is applying Freehand Ink on your hands to replicate skeletal hands! For some inspo, check out this sick Freehand one of our customers created down below! 



Harley Quinn

We’re still not over Suicide Squad and how amazing Margot Robbie was at playing the electrifying role of Harley Quinn. Now that the buzz around the movie has simmered down a bit, this is your chance to be Harley Quinn with a lower chance of running into a duplicate. To pull off this look you’ll need the iconic tee she’s wearing, which we found for an affordable price on Amazon, short shorts, fishnets, thigh tattoos, and some hair dye! For the thigh tattoos you can easily grab a bottle of Freehand Ink to recreate her tattoos, and since they’ll be slightly covered by the fishnets don’t worry about them being absolutely perfect. If you want to go the extra mile for this costume, get a hold of a baseball bat!



Another easy-to-put-together costume is the classic biker! All you’ll need for this is a leather jacket, colored bandana of your choice, leather gloves, and some chunky leather jewelry. To complete the look, we’d recommend one (or all) of the following tattoos: Adonis, Cerna Ruze, and Cadena



A friendly reminder for all you festive Halloween peeps who are going to use inkbox to spice up your costumes this year, our ink takes 24-36 hours to fully develop so plan to apply ahead! Also if you need a more specific design to top off your costume, feel free to check out our custom platform. Hope we’ve helped ease the dread of coming up with a costume, happy dressing up and stay safe this Halloween season!