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Posted on Dec 10, 2018

10 Self-Care Activities for a Night-In

The temperatures are dropping, and the season of people being less inclined to go out in the evenings has begun! Who doesn’t love a good night in by yourself or even with a couple of friends, no rager...

The temperatures are dropping, and the season of people being less inclined to go out in the evenings has begun! Who doesn’t love a good night in by yourself or even with a couple of friends, no ragers of course. It’s always good to retreat and spend some quality time de-stressing and just simply chilling, so here are 10 self-care activities for your cozy night-in! These activities are not mutually exclusive, so you can definitely complete two or more of these activities in a night and if not, more of a reason to plan another night-in.


Soak in a Bath Bomb 

Picture being in a tub filled with warm water (not too hot not too cold), with a fizzing bath bomb that lathers your skin while filling the room with a beautiful scent….. Sorry lost track there but doesn’t that sound like a dream?! Not to mention how magical bath bombs make the water look, it’s truly a sensory vacation. If you want to get real crafty, you can follow this DIY bath bomb recipe or you can purchase some from Lush, as they have a ton of different bath bombs that’ll suit anyone’s preference from scents to the skin benefits of each type. 

Image by hoyjasel via Tumblr


Baking or Cooking 

Food really can be comforting, and for those who enjoy the process of making it, cooking and baking can definitely be a stress-relieving, fun, and rewarding activity! Make a list, head out to the grocery store and get what you need to make your favorite meal or baked good. For those who are nervous about this activity, check out these 10 easy, hard-to-mess-up recipes!

Image by Heidi's Bridge via Bon Appétit


Apply a Face Mask 

A day’s stress, and not to mention the colder weather, can definitely take a toll on your skin. Give your face some TLC and pop on a face mask! One of our faves is the detoxifying Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack mask! Treat ‘yo self, your skin will thank you later. 

Image by Erica Lavelanet via The Fashion Philosophy 


Read a Book

I think we can all agree that we spend too much time looking at a screen time, so why not take a break and switch it up. Pull out that book, get comfy and dive in! 

Image via fotolia


Get Tatted

Feel like giving yourself a new body accessory? Why not have an inkbox night? For the more artistically inclined grab a Freehand Ink bottle and see where your creative mind takes you! Not the most artistic? No worries, there are 2,000+ tattoo designs to choose from that only take 15 mins to apply! This can easily be done while watching a movie, show, or listening to some music. Alone, or in numbers, it’s a fun activity that is all about self-expression. Remember, your body is a canvas.


Mix Up Some Cozy Drinks

There’s nothing that screams cozy more than a nice hot drink that warms you instantly from the moment you take the first sip. There are endless options for hot drinks to create, but if you need some inspo for hot drinks that are a lil more elevated, check out these 17 drink recipes from Bon Appetit.

Image by Alex Lau via Bon Appétit


Creating Art

This one’s for all the artistic folks out there, and for those who aren’t and just like a fun challenge, why not play some of your fave tunes and start painting or doodling. It has been shown that creating art can be used as a mechanism to relieve stress!

Image via Wandeleur


Listen to a Podcast 

Podcasts have gained popularity over the recent years, as it’s an easy alternative to music when completing tasks that require little to no brain power. Have no clue which series to start? Check out The Time’s list of The Top 10 Podcasts of 2018.

Image via The Times 


Paint Your Nails

Your hands help you through your everyday activities, no matter how small the task or big, so why not show them some love and dress up your nails! We've linked some Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Nail Trends for you to give you some ideas.

Image by the STELL via Instagram  


Watch a Movie or TV Show

With work or school, it’s easy to fall behind on your favorite tv show! So why not take your time and binge it all out, there’s no shame here we’ve all done it. If you don’t have any tv shows in mind, pop on your favorite movie or a movie you’ve been meaning to watch, with Netflix there’s almost endless options. If you've been living under a rock, we'd highly recommend Stranger Things (although, we may be bias due to their use of inkbox tattoos...)


We'd love to see if you use inkbox as a self-care activity! Snap us a photo and don't forget to tag us!