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Posted on Nov 24, 2017

10 Benefits of Semi-permanent Tattoos

inkbox semi-permanent tattoos which last longer than a temporary tattoo have a lot of benefits on their own, and in comparison to permanent tattoos.  Consider these 10 benefits when thinking about tem...

inkbox semi-permanent tattoos which last longer than a temporary tattoo have a lot of benefits on their own, and in comparison to permanent tattoos.  Consider these 10 benefits when thinking about temporarily inking up:


1) Transparency and Safety

With inkbox, you know what you’re getting. Our ink is organic and safe for your skin. In fact, less than 0.03% of inkbox customers have experienced an adverse reaction to our ink, so the odds are ever in your favor. We're an open book, so you can check out our full list of ingredients if you wanna!


2) Pain-Free

Permanent tattoos are a pain to get—literally.  But our designs?  Painless.  Whoever said “no pain, no gain” never tried inkbox.


3) You Can Change Your Mind

Perhaps the most attractive trait of our semi-permanent tattoos is the fact that they look real, but don’t last forever.  Choosing a design that you want inked on your skin is a huge decision.  There’s always a chance that the design you choose at one point in your life will make you groan at another point down the road.  But choosing a design that lasts 2 weeks?  Nothing but stress-free fun! We're all about self-expression, so if your style, interests, or personality change, so can your body art.  And if you’re just in the mood to try something new, semi-permanent tattoos provide a commitment-free way to do so.


4) Test-Run a Permanent Tat

Semi-permanent tattoos are a great way to test-drive a design you want permanently tattooed on your body, but you’re not quite sure.  Rock one of our designs or use our freehand ink to draw your idea and see how it looks and feels for two weeks at a time.  Once you’re certain this is the forever design for you, go ahead and get it permanently inked on your skin.


5) Up Your Accessory Game

Semi-permanent tattoos are a great way to add visual interest to any ensemble.  Swap out a statement necklace for a statement tattoo, or replace a sleeve of bangles with a sleeve of artwork.  While a chunky necklace may feel heavy over a long day, or your trio of bracelets may make too much noise in a quiet movie theatre, semi-permanent tattoos are a weightless, soundless way to accessorize your look.


6) Get in the Holiday Spirit

From Halloween and Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day and the 4 of July, there’s a lot to celebrate throughout the calendar year.  While some people may confine their holiday decorations to their homes and offices, you can wear your festivity with holiday-themed tattoos.  Because our tattoos last 8-18 days, they’re the perfect way to spread holiday cheer leading up to a special day.


7) Promote Team Building

Getting inked together is a wonderfully unique bonding experience.  From family reunions and birthday parties to weddings and fundraisers, semi-permanent tattoos can provide a fun, memorable experience that brings people together.


8) Promote a Cause

our tattoos to support a cause, or use freehand ink to do anything from inking your Kickstarter link on your arm to drawing strangers’ eyes to an organization that you believe deserves more funding.  While tattoos are a form of personal expression, they can also spark conversations and change beyond any single person sporting a tat.


9) Keep Wandering Kids and Senior Citizens Safe

By inking emergency contact information on a young child or a loved one suffering from dementia with our freehand ink, semi-permanent tattoos graduate from the fun zone to the life-saving sphere.  Perfect for your wandering-prone child before a big fieldtrip or visit to Disney World, or for a parent suffering from dementia.


10) Keep Medical Information on Hand

Semi-permanent tattoos are a great way to make sure emergency responders know about your allergies, blood type, the fact that you’re diabetic, or any other important medical information.  Our freehand ink can help you make sure your son or daughter’s allergies will be noted by an EMT, or your own medical conditions will be accounted for if you get in a bike or car accident.  Perfect if you’re constantly searching for your Road ID or you don’t like cumbersome Medical ID bracelets.