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Mumm Ra by Felipe Sena is a Animals temporary tattoo from inkbox - 0
 by  is a  temporary tattoo from inkbox - 1
inkbox Tattoo 2x2 Kit Image

Mumm Ra

Your inkbox tattoo comes with everything you need to apply

$ 16


Tattoo Dimensions: 1.3 x 1.3 inches

Meaning of Design / Name: He is a mummified, immortal, demon priest who has almost unlimited knowledge of all kinds of evil, black magic and sorcery. He has survived on Third Earth for thousands of years, possibly even since the time when it was First Earth.

#animal     #cartoon     #mummra     #snake     #thundercats    

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Your inkbox™ kit includes
  • Patented inkbox design
  • Black nitrile glove
  • Pre-moistened cloth

  • One ethyl alcohol wipe
  • Instruction booklet
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