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Clapper by JasonDaviesDesign is a  temporary tattoo from inkbox - 0
 by  is a  temporary tattoo from inkbox - 1
inkbox Tattoo 2x2 Kit Image


Your inkbox tattoo comes with everything you need to apply

$ 16


Tattoo Dimensions: 1.5 x 1 inches

Meaning of Design / Name: A clapperboard is a tool used in cinema to signify the start of the a scene/shot and allows the editor to sync the video and audio in post production. The editor uses the visual element of the board closing and the sound of the board 'clapping' to align the audio properly. This method has proven effective for many years and is still used today.  

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Your inkbox™ kit includes
  • Patented inkbox design
  • Black nitrile glove
  • Pre-moistened cloth

  • One ethyl alcohol wipe
  • Instruction booklet
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