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Alli by Felipe Sena is a Geometric temporary tattoo from inkbox - 0
 by  is a  temporary tattoo from inkbox - 1
inkbox Tattoo 2x2 Kit Image


Your inkbox tattoo comes with everything you need to apply

$ 16


Tattoo Dimensions: 1.4 inches
"Remember, in the vast infinity of life, all is perfect, whole and complete...and so are you." - Louise L. Hay
This dainty design is all about unity. We believe that love is love is love is love is love is love... (and that could go on for infinity).
50% of the proceeds from this tattoo will go to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ youth.

#geometric     #heart     #infinite     #infinity     #love     #pride     #small     #spiritual    

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Your inkbox™ kit includes
  • Patented inkbox design
  • Black nitrile glove
  • Pre-moistened cloth

  • One ethyl alcohol wipe
  • Instruction booklet
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