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Our goal is to help you find confidence with your next tattoo decision

Our Story

Commitment issues? Us too. It’s what sparked us to create inkbox. Our styles, tastes, and opinions were always changing. Why wasn’t there a tattoo that could change with us?

So we invented the inkbox tattoo - a temporary tattoo that actually looks authentic. Unlike temporary tattoos that are just stickers on your skin, inkbox tattoos function more like permanent tattoos - they sit in your skin, and then fade as your skin naturally regenerates. In other words, they allow you to express your boldest, most badass self, without the commitment. We think that’s pretty cool!

You know what else is pretty cool? Giving back. When we were developing inkbox we came across tribes in Panama who dye their skin with the pulp of a local fruit. This is where we found the active ingredients for our product.

We’re proud to support these tribes through the Darien Initiative - a charity that helps the indigenous tribes of the Darién Gap, Panama by providing agricultural and community support programs.

And did you know that every time you buy an inkbox tattoo an artist somewhere in the world makes money? We know how hard it can be to get by in today’s economy. We’re all about supporting independent artists in making some moolah off their passion.

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