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Inkbox Trace

Discover, trace, transfer, and draw custom tattoos with the help of our all-new app.

Add the Inkbox App on your homescreen for quick and easy access to the tracing experience

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Upload or Find Designs

Upload or Find Designs

Turn any photo into a traceable image or explore the 150+ designs in our catalog.

Trace From Your Device

Trace From Your Device

Your screen doubles as a light box! Use it to create a stencil of your chosen design.

Apply Your Stencil

Apply Your Stencil

Transfer your stencil from Tracing Paper to skin — just like a tattoo artist does.

Start Drawing

Start Drawing

Retrace the stencil with the Freehand Tattoo Marker to bring your design to life.

Tracing tips from the pros

Learn the ins and outs of the app from our friend — and pro tattoo artist — Alex Sappy.

But first...You need the Freehand Tattoo Markers

But first...You need the Freehand Tattoo Markers

A revolutionary new tool for limitless self-expression.


How does Inkbox work?

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What color/shade will my tattoo be?

Is Inkbox safe?

What tattoo sizes do you offer?

Do Inkbox products expire?

Where do you ship to?

Can I cancel or return my order?

How is Inkbox different from Henna or Jagua?

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