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Posted on Oct 02, 2019

8 Inspiring Inkbox Tattoo Stories

Your tattoo story is uniquely yours, and we think that's pretty special. That's why we've decided to tell your stories right here, right now.

 Your tattoo story is uniquely yours, and we think that's pretty special. That's why we've decided to tell your stories right here, right now.


"The tattoo I chose represents Captain Marvel, who symbolizes women empowerment. This movie really moved me and I simply just loved that we got to see a female role that can inspire many females out there in the world to do what they want and not be afraid of what others will say!" Melody, 18, US

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#CaptainMarvel ????❤️

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 "The reality of death is something that we should remind ourselves of more often because we take our lives for granted. It sounds morbid, but if we remember that anything can happen, we will learn to appreciate every moment of life, and to me, that's beautiful.

As a creative, I have a hard time committing to one tattoo design permanently. Inkbox freehand ink allows me the freedom to express my evolving style and experiment with new possibilities." Ainsley, 25, Canada


"Disney holds a special place in my heart, it’s always been there to put a smile on my face when things got tough. I chose the Darlings because Peter Pan has always been my favorite Disney movie since I was a little girl. The tattoo itself is just adorable and fits me and my personality perfectly." Georgina, 20, UK



"They look awesome and a great way to have tattoos without the long healing process. As I already have 3 tattoos and looking to get more in the future and inbox is a great way to try and test designs you like.

All my tattoos have a story behind them and the 3 birds express the strong bond I have with my brothers and that even we may fly out separate ways we will always be there for each other." Izzie, 20, UK


 "My dad is fighting through an extremely hard battle with substance abuse. He got a tattoo that says “RISE” to help him push through it and I wanted to make something that incorporated that word yet also felt like something unique to me. It’s to let him know he can get through it and I’m by his side." Hayden, 17, US

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Rise ???? @inkbox #inkboxlove #inkbox

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"I chose the tent because of my passion and love for the outdoors. Camping has always had a special place in my heart and something I do as often as I can.

Having this tattoo is a reminder of those dreamy days in northern Michigan of camping under starry skies and hiking tall hills to see the most beautiful views. Having this temporary tattoo was awesome because it gave me time to think about having something like this as a permanent tattoo." Madeline, 18, US


"I designed a tooth for myself because as a person who struggles with a lot of anxiety, going to the dentist was always a terrible, dramatic experience. There was a lot of stress and fear. However, I summoned up some courage and worked on facing fears and challenging anxiety, and now I can walk in there with a clear head and take it on.

The tattoo was kind of like a way of reminding myself that if I could crush that fear of 18ish years. I’m baaaaasically unstoppable." Daria, 18, Canada

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Toothy. I ???? my freehand ink.

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 "I always wanted a tattoo but could never come up with anything that truly represented what I felt inside. I wanted something that was creative yet classic, something that paid tribute to my life but also represented my future, and then, I came across the mountain tattoo. As a Canadian, I’ve always been in love with the natural landscape of the Rocky Mountains. When I had my opportunity to visit them last year, I was in love.

The mountain represented Canadians and our beauty and strength, but it also represents me - strong, resilient and zen. I fell in love with the mountain design and knew that I wanted it right then and there and since then, I’ve been seriously considering getting the tattoo done for real! Thank you for letting me find this beautiful piece of art that means so much more than what meets the eye." Megan, 26, Canada


 Got a story to share? Slide into our DMs on Instagram and let us know. We'd love to share your story next time.