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Posted on Sep 22, 2017

Tattoos That Will Connect You to Nature

Leaves crunching under your feet, animals darting about in the forest, flowers bringing color to fields of grass… There’s nothing like the great outdoors. Whether you’re stuck in a grey cubicle wishi...

Leaves crunching under your feet, animals darting about in the forest, flowers bringing color to fields of grass… There’s nothing like the great outdoors.

Whether you’re stuck in a grey cubicle wishing you were outside or you sail the high seas to bring home the bacon, a nature-themed tattoo is a great way to honor the love you have for all things Mother Earth. From flora to fauna and everything in between, our semi-permanent tattoo collection is brimming with nature-inspired tats.


Flock of Birds

Amazed by migration?  Wish you had wings?  This tattoo depicts the majesty of flight in an interesting shape that will add movement to any part of the body.  


3.5 x 3.0 inches

Elephant Mom & Child

Nature is full of families, and elephants are particularly family-oriented.  Highly intelligent and empathetic, elephant mothers are very protective of their children.  The term “Elephant Mother” joins “Tiger Mom” and “Helicopter Mom” as a modern parenting term that espouses a comforting, supportive approach to childrearing.  If you find yourself having a lot in common with an elephant mother, or simply love elephants, this is the tattoo for you.  


1.75 x 0.75 inches


Can’t decide between land and water? Ink yourself with our turtle and you don’t have to.  Plus, if you’re known for your hard shell, this tat can let people know you’ve got some walls up, and they should proceed with caution.


1.25 x 1.75 inches

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Love to scale mountains?  Or are you more of a metaphorical mountain climber? Whether you’ve climbed Kilimanjaro, hail from the Appalachians, or have a knack for summiting mental challenges, our semi-permanent mountain tattoos will connect you to all the peaks in your life:


Left to Right: Muir, Fuww, Dadirri



Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are iconic in Japan, where they are known as sakura.  When the cherry blossom trees bloom in the spring, cherry blossom season begins, and with it, lots of festivals. These festivals celebrate the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossom: like these flowers, life doesn’t last forever.  As a symbol of life’s impermanence, the cherry blossoms serve as a reminder that life is precious. Ink yourself with our cherry blossom tattoo to celebrate the precious beauty of life.


1.4 x 3.75 inches


Every rose has its thorn.  Poison sang it, so it must be true.  A symbol of romantic love and considered by many to be among the world’s most striking flowers, our rose tattoos will ink you with the most beautiful bloom that nature has to offer.  Fun fact: the rose is the United States’ national flower, so a rose tat is also patriotic!


Left to Right: Bonica 82, Rosoideae, Milly, Mister Lincoln, Bryony


If you’re looking for a temporary tattoo that spreads cheer, look no further than a sunflower tat. These brilliant flowers brighten smiles and induce joy with petals that radiate like the sun’s rays. Come on and get happy with this merry sunflower tattoo.  


Sunny D
2.0 x 2.0 inches

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If you’d rather design your own nature tattoo, grab our freehand ink and use these permanent nature tattoos for inspiration:

This skinny tree looks great going down the spine, and would also fit well on the ribcage or forearm. 


This tattoo uses placement to maximize its cool factor, matching the curvature of the foot with the curvature of the tree line and mountain range.

This “Mother Nature Stag” tattoo beautifully uses a pair of horns to incorporate nature elements beyond the animal, embodying the true interactive status of any ecosystem.


Embrace your body’s symmetry and ink yourself with a tattoo like this one.

And lastly, if you’re feeling ambitious, ink yourself with a large, full back tattoo that celebrates nature’s roots, like this one.