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Posted on Sep 20, 2018

Tattoo Artists Around The World: Germany

We’re taking you on a world tour of tattoo artists, featuring our favorite 10 artists from varying countries. This week we’ll be focusing on Germany, a country soon to be booming with people and excit...

We’re taking you on a world tour of tattoo artists, featuring our favorite 10 artists from varying countries. This week we’ll be focusing on Germany, a country soon to be booming with people and excitement as the world’s largest Volksfest (Oktoberfest) kicks off in a couple of days! Although we won't be there to partake in the festivities, we’ll take this opportunity to spotlight some crazy talented artists from this beer and sausage-loving country. If you're on the same boat as us and need to remedy the FOMO you'll be feeling, check out our Warme tattoo! The word 'Gemütlichkeit' means warmth, coziness, and friendliness which perfectly describes Germans.


Although technically she is Australian, Daisy Watson is a Berlin-based tattoo artist who started with stick and poke tattoos back when she was only 18. As a female tattoo artist, she has passionate about providing a welcoming, safe environment for all those she tattoos. Her abstract and surreal style of tattooing is meticulously done, with a harmonious balance between organic, geometric lines, and shapes.

2. @moganji

Mo Ganji is an Iranian-born, Berlin-based tattoo artist who left his corporate job to start his career in tattooing. His style of tattooing consists of various designs that are created using ONE black, continuous line. Yes we said just one, and yes you can follow each of his tattoo’s line from start to finish.

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#moganji #singleline

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3. @suflanda

Susanne König was born and raised in Germany, however is currently tattooing in England. Her tattoos are a blend of blackwork and dot work creating whimsical, storybook-perfect designs. Although her portfolio ranges from landscapes to portraits, she particularly enjoys tattooing animals!



Hailing from Brazil, this Berlin-based tattoo artist focuses on fine-line black work that manifests into minimal and delicate tattoos. She is started her career in tattooing after spending 10 years as an illustrator and is inspired by vintage botanical drawings. Currently, she is tattooing at Unikat tattoo studio.

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For Milena Done at @unikat_berlin

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5. @____memoire_____


One of the resident artists at Berlin’s NOÏA tattoo studio, Yahoo’s blackwork can be described as clean and minimalistic tattoos that focus on graphics and silhouettes.

6. @juliarehme


Another resident artist from NOÏA, Julia Rehme’s background in design, fashion, and abstract painting can be seen through her tattoo portfolio. Her style of tattooing definitely is influenced by her connection to abstract painting and consists of floating elements with a mix of graphics and static forms.

7. @laramaju


Lara Maju is a hand poke artist in Hamburg, who is currently tattooing at Coco Schwarz. Her hand poke tattoos are typically smaller in nature, delicate and incredibly clean! Lara’s portfolio has a strong theme of botanical art.

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poked for viktoria

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8. @fraukekatze


Introducing another artist who also specializes in botanical style tattoos, Frauke from Essen, Germany currently tattoos at her private studio. Her tattooing style includes fine-line, blackwork that is delicate and detailed at the same time. Also, she uses vegan ink!

9. @mehmetveli


Mehmet Veli is a Berlin-based tattoo artist who is currently tattooing at Stick and Stones Tattoo. His work specializes in delicate blackwork, heavily utilizing dot-work techniques. Mehmet’s portfolio has a wide range of designs, however our fave pieces are definitely his landscape tattoos!