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Posted on Aug 28, 2017

Finger & Hand Tattoo Inspo

This summer, your tattoos don’t have to be large to make a big splash.  We have a variety of small but mighty tattoos that will add personality and pizazz to any ensemble.    1. Skull This skull will ...

This summer, your tattoos don’t have to be large to make a big splash.  We have a variety of small but mighty tattoos that will add personality and pizazz to any ensemble. 


1. Skull

This skull will feel right at home on your hand for two weeks. With lines emanating from the center, this tat is a darker version of a sun, and will let people know that you shine bright—with an edge.


Product Name: Vertex

Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.75 inches

Price: $19


2. Butterfly

Some people believe that if a butterfly lands on you, you’ll enjoy good luck.  Well, with our temporary butterfly tat, you’ll have good luck for two weeks straight.  Not superstitious?  Then “settle” for the fact that thanks to its lifecycle from cocoon to winged beauty, the butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.  And everybody needs a fresh start now and then.  Get one with this tiny tat.


Product Name: Anisos

Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.8 inches

Price: $19


3. Walkman

Throw it back to the days before Steve Jobs revolutionized the music industry with our miniature Walkman tattoo.  When you’re keeping the beat to the iPhone playlist pulsing in your car, this tat will remind you that no matter the device your tunes are coming out of, it’s about the music.  This temporary tat also doubles as a conversation starter with children, who don’t even know what the heck a Walkman is


Product Name: Tintinnabulation

Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.25 inches

Price: $19


4. Heartbreaker

Have you left a few shattered hearts in your wake?  Only looking for a casual summer fling ‘cause you have a broken heart?  Give the boys and girls fair warning this summer with our breaking heart temporary tattoo.  With a bolt of lightning severing this heart in two, tell the world that loving you is like getting struck by lightning—amazingly rare. 


Product Name: Lillehei

Dimensions: 0.6 x 0.5 inches

Price: $19


5. Groovy Triangle

Get geometric with this temporary tat that can replace a bracelet with angles and shapes.  Position it with the point angled toward your fingers to show off your cool manicure, or with the point up to direct viewers to your killer smile. 


Product Name: Uptt

Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 inches

Price: $21


6. Lightning Bolt

Give your hand or finger a dose of lightning this summer with our lightning bolt temporary tat. A simple way to jazz up any bare hand, swap out your ring for this lightning bolt and hit the beach, the town, or a Harry Potter convention in style. 


Product Name: Kifuka

Dimensions: 0.5 x 1.5 inches

Price: $19


Want to create your own tattoo this summer?  Use our freehand ink, and check out the fun-sized designs artists have come up with for inspiration ink: 


1. Tiny Little Friendship Hearts

Some friends paint each other’s nails; other friends get matching tats.  If you usually play it safe with mani/pedi session, our 2-week tattoos are the perfect foray into a cooler girls night in.  And these tiny hearts are a cute way to start your tattoo journey off.


2. Ink-Dipped Fingertips

Give your hands a healthy dose of ink like Instagram user @modern_in_the_middle did.  With our freehand ink, your fingers and hands are a blank canvas on which to unleash your coolest, most abstract ideas.  Because summer’s for trying something new.


3. A Special Skyline

Honor your favorite city with a miniature skyline that you can show off whenever you hail a cab, point someone out in a lineup, or flip off the jerk ruining your day.  From New York to LA, from Toronto to Seattle, celebrate the urban hub that made your summer memorable with a freehand skyline like this one.


4. Tiny Lines, Shapes, and Arrows

This summer, give each of your fingers a unique upgrade with custom lines and shapes, like these the artists on the left, center, and right did here. These ideas are subtle enough to rock at any affair, but cool enough to make you stand out.  Gone in two weeks, temporary finger tats will be the new nail polish, mark our words. 


Or, start with one of our tattoos, then add on to it with our freehand ink for a cool adaptation that captures your style, like this:


For more inspiration in creating your small, freehand tattoos, check out these extra small works of art:


1. Smile

Warm weather, cold lemonade…there’s a lot to smile about when it’s summer.  Capture the joy of the season with a creatively spelled “smile” tattoo like this one.


2. Finger Garden

Make your hands a floral paradise this summer by treating each finger to a unique bloom like this.  From roses to carnations and lilies to tulips, nature gives you plenty of gorgeous options to choose from when inking yourself.  And what goes better with a long, graceful finger than a long, graceful stem?


3. Shooting Star

So tiny you could hide, but why would you?  This teeny tat is adorable, and perfectly captures the idea of an idyllic summer night, complete with romance, fireflies, and shooting stars. 


4. Wave

Ink yourself with a wee-sized wave like this one this summer and keep the ocean on hand no matter how far you are from the coast. 



5. Tiny Pineapple

Ink yourself with this sweet summer fruit that doubles as a sign of hospitality to let people know you’re as warm as the sunshine. 


6. Cowabunga Hand

This tattoo will keep you feeling chill at all times this summer.  Stressed at work?  Kids driving you nuts?  Family vacation stretching on too long?  This tat will keep you calm and have you riding the waves—in your mind at least.