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Your inkbox tattoo comes with everything you need to apply

$ 16


Tattoo Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.5 inches

"I was born with a foot deformity. After my assault I hated my foot and felt embarrassed of it, so I began to write the word “beautiful” over my scar, reminding me that my foot truly is beautiful. I wrote it so often that I started to again see that my foot is special. Now, I stand on a foundation knowing that my foot, imperfect in the eyes of society, is beautiful. I stand on a beautiful foundation. #istandbeautiful. And you can too." - Chloe


$1 of every sale goes to CURE International

#beautiful     #charity     #positive affirmation     #self love     #word    

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Your inkbox™ kit includes
  • Patent-pending inkbox

  • Black tattoo glove

  • Pre moistened cloth

  • Ethyl alcohol wipe
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