inkstructions Formula 1S – inkbox temporary tattoos
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inkstructions Formula 1S


1. Wash and dry your skin.

2. Put on your tattoo glove.

3. Draw the ink on thick, like icing a cake. 

4. Let it sit for 1 hour. Don't touch it.

5. Wash the ink away with soap and water. Your tattoo will take 12-24 hours to fully develop.





Draw on your skin first with a surgical marker (you can find them on Amazon) then trace the drawing with your inkbox™ ink. Alternatively, any skin-safe marker will do.


To add shading to your tattoo you can spread the ink thinner by pulling it with the tip of the bottle or your finger. Just make sure you're wearing a glove! Other tools that work: nail art dotter, a stiff bristled paintbrush, or even a popsicle stick!

*CAUTION* Do not leave on skin for more than 1 hour. Do not re-apply ink over previous design. Doing either will increase risk of skin irritation.



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