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THE INKBOX COMPANY is a small focused company.

The Company provides software that produces graphic and textual images using computer aided design technology. The Company currently produces utility programs that work within AutoCAD, a drafting and graphic arts program enabling users to generate a broad range of drawing. We’ve been making and distributing Inkbox Tools since 1994 both in standardized and customized forms. Inquire about increasing your productivity.

Using these tools, we have created technical reports, illustrations for fiction, posters, maps of real and imagine places, subdivision plats for surveyors, and product catalogues.

We also offer a broad range of rural and urban planning services based on the firm’s principal twenty plus years experience as an city planner.


Oriental Calligraphers and Artists store their ink sticks, ink stones, and brushes in a box, an inkbox.With these tools, they can express a vast ranges of human emotions, artistic and graphic expressions, and technical expertise.

Inkbox Tools is your virtual inkbox enabling you to draw more productively and creatively.


Just place the @ sign between the two words, mike and inkbox.com.

The Inkbox Company
Post Office Box 5111
Lafayette, LA 70502

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